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Your Guide's Skills

Oak Lake is very proud to offer you highly skilled guides on your exclusive vacation. Many of the guides at Oak Lake Lodge grew up in a small village in Quebec where they learned how to hunt, fish and trap from their fathers. Hunting, fishing and trapping was a way of life in this village, where the luxury of electricity wasn't seen until the 1960s. The men didn't learn how to fish and hunt on the weekends; they learned as a matter of survival and livelihood.

Consistency of Staff

Each year, the same guides return to Oak Lake Lodge to greet their returning and new guests. The consistency in guides is wonderful for our guests who look forward to seeing the guides just as much as the guides look forward to seeing them.

This summer a cheerful lady commented to her friend at dinner, "The way that the guides smiled at us, it looked like they missed us". What this lady may not have known is that the guides do remember guests and they look forward to their return year after year. It is due to the guides' efforts, as well as the wonderful meals and accommodations prepared by the staff, that Oak Lake has a return rate of 85%.

Hiring a Fishing Guide

You won't be disappointed if you decide to hire a fishing guide while on your vacation to Oak Lake Lodge. An interesting fact is that hiring a fishing guide at Oak Lake Lodge is considerably less, than hiring guides elsewhere. See American Plan for Fishing Packages.

You will appreciate the expertise of the guides out on the lake, or in the woods, but you will also appreciate the terrific cooking after an exciting day. The kitchen staff at Oak Lake also return year after year to make the most wonderful meals. They always serve the guests in a friendly manner making your dinner experience a pleasurable one.

Not only do the staff cook great meals but they also ensure that your cottages are spotless so that you can feel comfortable that you have clean surroundings.

Winter Maintenance Trip

This video shows the highlights from our winter maintenance trip to the lodge.

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