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We have collected some helpful links about travelling to Canada.

Canada Border Services Agency

Canadian government websites offer the best information about travelling to Canada. There are three listed below with information about what you will find on those websites.

Visit Canada Border Services Agency to find out the following types of information for non-Canadians:

  • Have proper identification
  • What can you bring to Canada? What is prohibited?
  • Are you eligible to enter Canada? 

Visit Ontario Travel to learn about Ontario's Roads.

Ontario's road signs are listed in kilometres/hour (km/h). Many of our highways are listed at 90km/hr which converts to 55miles/hour.

Currency Converter

The USD is strong against the CAD dollar. See an estimate of the currency conversion.

Weather Information

Check weather for Kenora, Ontario for the closest representation of conditions at Oak Lake Lodge.

Historical Weather Statistics for Kenora

Historical Weather Conditions for Kenora Ontario

Tackle and lure suggestions

Walleye fishing advice

Use a quarter ounce jig with live bait. A 6 or 8 pound line is good for walleye.

Northern pike fishing advice

Use Spinner Bait, Silver Minnow, Dare Devil, Five of Diamonds, Rat-l-Trap. An 8 or 12 pound line is good.

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