Fishing Regulations and Tips

Ontario Fishing Regulations

Visit the Ministry of Natural Resources web site to learn about the following:

  • Fishing Licences
  • Fishing Regulations
  • Fish Facts

Catch and Release Video


Fishing tools

  • use barbless hooks, avoid using live or organic bait
  • reduce the time a fish is played
  • have your camera ready to snap your picture

Handling fish

  • reduce handling that destroys the slimy protective coating on fish,
  • do not squeeze or touch the gills,
  • keep the fish in water, over the side of the boat or in a tub,
  • grasp the fish just behind the gill covers,
  • use long-nose pliers to remove the hook quickly without tearing or injuring the fish, if you must release a fish that is hooked deeply, cut the line and leave the hook in.

Releasing fish back into the water

Hold the fish upright in a swimming position in the water moving the fish slowly forward so water runs through the gills, release the fish when it begins to swim in an upright position.

Releasing fish safely (PDF) -- pictures and detailed information about releasing fish safely. 


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