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Working Up an Appetite During Your Fly-In Fishing Trip: Hearty Meals to Maintain Energy

Working Up an Appetite During Your Fly-In Fishing Trip: Hearty Meals to Maintain Energy

Experiencing autumn during your fly in fishing vacation here at Oak Lake Lodge is like no other nature experience available in the civilized world. Even if you already live near natural areas and love doing activities in the outdoors during the fall or winter, you probably have to experience an excessive amount of people in those places. Plus if it's a vacation spot, you probably work up a considerable appetite after excessive physical exercise.

The problem with the two situations above is that being in nature with too many people already ruins any claims of the surroundings being unspoiled. At a vacation resort, it also means crowded restaurants, leaving you having to wait for food when you want food immediately.

You won't find either of the above unfortunate scenarios here at Oak Lake Lodge. The nature here is truly pristine because there isn't any industry around for miles. We also have limitations on how many people we let in at a time, so getting food when you want it isn't a problem.

Moreover, you'll have more food here than you can probably digest. Our meals are extremely hearty and generous in their servings. The question is how much of an appetite can you generate while visiting us? When you have cooler weather, invigorating fishing, and hunting all together, you can probably get as hungry as the black bears and moose are when they forage for food this fall.

The Fall Air and Feeling Hungrier

You've probably noticed that when the weather starts getting cooler, we all seem to get hungrier and eat more. The weather here in Ontario in the fall makes everyone feel that way, and the desire to eat is always enhanced when you're on vacation.

No matter what your activity is when you stay with us, you're going to feel that amazing crisp air that you can only experience in the most pristine places on earth. That already sparks a major appetite in our visitors based on the euphoria of knowing they're residing in one of the last unspoiled places within civilization.

Working Up an Appetite While Fishing

No doubt you have a lot of memories of being on fishing trips on shore or in a boat and constantly chowing down on snacks. Being in the outdoors for vacation frequently makes us feel hungrier psychologically, and fishing only enhances that. Obviously, it's because we think of eating heartily when catching fish.

We understand this frame of mind, especially because your time out on Oak Lake this time of year is where you'll feel a true blast of autumnal air. You'll definitely be hungry by lunch, so it's why we provide on-shore fish fry lunches with your fish catches, plus servings from our kitchen.

Afterward, we'll have huge dinners waiting for you back at the lodge dining room. By the end of the day, you won't feel any hunger pangs. On top of it, our tasty (yet still healthy) meals keep your energy up throughout each day.

Working Up an Appetite After Hunting

We guarantee you'll burn plenty of calories when hunting with us this month out in the surrounding wilderness. Archery hunting is a very active pastime here, and you'll need food re-fueling to keep up the pace.

Before you head out for a hunt with one of our hunting guides, you'll have a huge breakfast at the lodge to keep you going for hours. Snacks are always allowed during your hunting excursions so you can keep eating whenever you need an energy break.

You can't always find other remote vacation spots that are so generous on food, especially if food supplies have limitations. We make sure we have every fresh ingredient on-site in advance so your meals are unlike others, including back home.

Contact us to book a trip with us this fall. You'll never experience a single stomach growl when you partake in our physical recreational activities.

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