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Why September is Perfect for a Fly-in Fishing Vacation

Why September is Perfect for a Fly-in Fishing Vacation

Hopefully you've grown up in a part of the world where you could experience real seasons in a year, especially the Fall. Here in Ontario, Canada, there isn't any more beautiful time in our natural environments than when the autumnal equinox occurs. Perhaps you know what autumn feels like in your neck of the woods, though you definitely know it here at our Oak Lake Lodge.

Why many people prefer enjoying our fly-in fishing vacations in the Fall? It's because of the deliberate change in the environment. You might be surprised to know it gets warmer than you think here during the height of summer. While it's never in the 90s or 100s, we still hit 80 F during the day for those who visit in the middle of July.

Yet, once September arrives, you'll start to feel a dramatic turn in temperatures. It's a phenomena that true lovers of Fall want to experience, rather than continually suffering through warm weather well into September or beyond.

We highly recommend visiting us through September for those living in warmer climates who want to experience the best of the autumnal season.

Autumn Air Makes You Feel Better

If it's still in the 70s or 80s in your home location at the beginning of September, you'll notice an immediate difference once planes lands. Daytime highs are usually in the 50s, and you'll feel instantly refreshed once you get a whiff of the pristine air.

We've found that many of our visitors instantly feel better being in the Fall air. After a long summer in warmer climates, it's easy to feel lethargic, especially when the warm air never seems to end. Cooler air mixed with some adventuring is the best remedy for this, and we have you covered.

Fishing in September

After a hearty breakfast at our lodge, you'll want to get out early to fish in your private boat. September mornings on Oak Lake are literally cool, and the fish are extremely hungry. When you head out with our fishing guides, they'll show you which bait the fish go crazy over. It means you could catch a full limit of fish within a short time.

We do have a catch and release policy for most fish, though catching hungry fish on a crisp September morning is pure excitement and escapism.

Absorbing the Changing Colors in the Wilderness

Thanks to there being no industries or housing anywhere near our natural environment, you'll have miles of fresh wilderness to hike through. Most foliage is already turning color by early September. It makes for some stunning photography when you can capture so many collective Fall colors in one natural place.

All of this becomes enhanced when we start getting cool rains. There isn't anything more fun than walking in the wilderness, spotting wildlife, and having a refreshing rain to make it truly feel like autumn away from civilization.

Wildlife in September

You might see moose from your fishing boat wandering the shoreline, and wild eagles in their nests. Surrounding wildlife starts to sense the change in temperatures and begin to collect food for the approaching winter. Seeing them within the Fall surroundings is a special experience for those who understand how fragile nature is

As the season turns here, you'll have a profoundly natural message of how nature changes and how it needs protection in the process.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to book a September trip with us. Come experience seasons in a new way and get in touch with unvarnished nature you haven't seen.

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