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Why Our Fly in Fishing Experience is Catch and Release

Why Our Fly in Fishing Experience is Catch and Release

People that fish at Oak Lake Lodge are often surprised that we have instituted a rather strict "catch and release" policy. This policy states that all fish caught on our private lake must be released and not taken back home.

Most of our guests understand this rule and even come to understand why it's so important. However, others think that this rule is a mistake, because it means fishermen can't take their prize-winning trophies back home.

While that's an understandable position, we believe that catch and release is the best fishing option. Read on to find out why our fly in fishing experience will always be catch and release: and why you should celebrate, not denigrate, this decision.

Catch and Release Steadies a Lake's Population

Many resorts and private lakes let their fishermen take home their fish, only to run into a major problem years down the road: no fish. Overfishing a lake is a real possibility, even if you restock it regularly. As a result, those resorts can only offer minimal chances to catch rather small fish.

Once we instituted our catch and release policy, we found that the population of our lake stayed steady. People were catching fish left and right without struggle. And once word got out that we had great fish, more people started to visit.

And you know what? Even with this increase in visitors, catch and release has kept our lake population steady to the point where it often grows exponentially every year.

The Fish in Our Lake are Huge

When people want to take a fish home, they aren't interested in the small or medium-sized ones: they want the massive, trophy-winners. We completely understand that desire because we know how great a monster looks on the wall.

However, when people haul out the biggest fish in a lake, they are eliminating their genetic code. Suddenly, those big fish can't reproduce and only the smaller fish survive. As a result, they pass on their smaller genetic code to their off-spring. And unfortunately, that means there's nothing but small to medium-sized fish to catch.

At Oak Lake Lodge, we don't have to worry about that problem: our big fish have lived, safe and sound, in our lake for decades. That has given them plenty of time to spawn large-growing offspring. It also gives them the time they need to grow to that size: it doesn't happen overnight.

It Makes Fishermen Feel In Touch with Nature

Just look at the faces of the people who've caught massive fish in our lake: they're joyous and excited. It doesn't matter one bit to them that they are about to let that fish go. They, like us, believe that the joy of fishing is the battle and the elation of pulling a monster out of the lake as a victor.

And many of our visitors find they start feeling the same way. They understand that they don't necessarily have to take home a large number of fish to enjoy fishing: they simply love being in nature and competing against some of its toughest fish. And then letting the fish go home.

Honestly, we've seen tears in the eyes of some fishermen the moment they let their fish back into the water. That's because they've become closer to nature and realize the beauty of letting an amazing animal live to fight another day.

Hopefully, you more fully understand why we have embraced the positive benefits of catch and release fishing. If you want more information, don't hesitate to contact us to learn more. Or set up a reservation: our private lake is incredibly popular and attracts hundreds of visitors every year.

After all, you're not just going to get the chance to catch some of the biggest (and oldest) fish in Canada: you're also going to live in comfort in a beautiful cabin and experience delicious daily meals.

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