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Why Guides Enhance Your Fly-In Fishing Experience

Why Guides Enhance Your Fly-In Fishing Experience

Have you experienced the fly-in fishing experience of Oak Lake Lodge, but haven't invested in a guide? Allow us to explain why you should really give it a shot. While it's definitely an extra cash investment, it's one that we truly believe you need to try.

Our highly trained fishing guides will enhance every moment of your fishing experience and make it more exciting, thrilling, and potentially successful. Read on to discover the myriad of advantages that come with hiring a fishing guide.

Our Guides Come Back, Year After Year

Many of our competitors have a hard time holding on to their guides every year. However, we make a concentrated effort to keep the same guides, year after year. As a result, our guides know Oak Lake extremely well and know all about the best fishing spots.

Best of all, you'll start recognizing some of our guides when you come back. Each of our guides is carefully selected based not only on their fishing expertise, but their friendliness. Honestly, we've seen true friendships build up between our guides and our customers, something we don't think you can get anywhere else.

Help You Find the Largest Fish

Our guides' familiarity with Oak Lake gives them the inside scoop on where the biggest fish like to hide. And our fish are huge, something our catch and release policy ensures. That policy is strictly enforced by our guides and for good reason: you'll be able to catch the largest fish you've ever seen whenever you come to Oak Lake Lodge.

Whether you like walleye, small-mouth bass, muskie, or pike, our guides know where they're hiding and know how to root them out. While you can undoubtedly find many of these massive catches on your own, our guides will streamline the process and leave the electrifying experience of landing one to you.

Provide You With Baiting Advice

Our guides don't stop at just showing you the coolest spots on the lake: they can also offer you a variety of fishing tips that can enhance your experience. Each of our guides knows Oak Lake well and knows what the fish in our lake like to eat. That's why they're so helpful when it comes to figuring out what bait and lines are the best.

Don't take our word for it: let the smiles on the faces of our many satisfied customers illustrate it for you. Many of these fishermen were assisted by guides who gave them the necessary information they needed for fishing success. And look at the size of those fish!

Keep You Away from Danger

Fishing at Oak Lake Lodge is extremely safe, but you have to remember we're in the middle-of-nowhere. That's a big part of our appeal: you can only reach us via float plane. 

If a guide sounds like an amazing addition to your Oak Lake Lodge adventure, make sure to contact us today to reserve one.  However, we find that our customers keep returning to guides, again and again, to make the kind of fishing memories that they would struggle to make on their own.

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