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The privacy and natural environment at Oak Lake

The privacy and natural environment at Oak Lake

The term fly-in fishing might sound mystifying to you if you've never experienced a similar getaway before. One reason is perhaps because any body of water you've fished on in the past most likely wasn't accessible by car or even foot. It seems most lakes, rivers, and streams throughout North America get advertised as being pristine when easy access to tourists make any pristine promise considerably degraded.

It's certainly disconcerting when you're searching for a private lake somewhere to fish, only to find out it's already been noticeably tainted by tourists and industry. We feel your pain about this here at Oak Lake Lodge, and it's a vital reason why we're so proud to run a lodge surrounded by true, pristine nature.

The reason we call our vacation package a fly-in fishing excursion is because it's the only way to access the area where we're located within Ontario, Canada. We fly you in personally in a private plane that lands directly on Oak Lake. Then, we give you the royal treatment at our beautiful lodge.

While we've written considerably about the beauty of our cottages and the amenities, the real focus is on Oak Lake itself. What makes it stand apart from any other lake you've spent time on within North America? Most likely, you'll find the comparisons quite striking when you think about what you've experienced on other lakes. The privacy level on Oak Lake is unlike most other bodies of water you'll find in the world that allow human visitation.

How Private is Private?

When we say Oak Lake is private, we really mean it. Our lodge is within a location far away from any other tourist resort or industry. This means you can traverse the entire lake in your boat for miles and never see another person other than those staying with you. While we do allow 32 people in at a time to our lodge, you'll only share the lake with a small group.

In many cases, more than half of those people we let in won't even want to fish and instead be enjoying the nature around them. This means boats on Oak Lake are typically very minimal at a time. We've even had many who've had the entire lake to themselves, which is an experience they never forget.

Having the great feeling of not seeing a single industry around the area will stay with you forever. If you've been on other lakes to fish around Canada or in the United States, it's a good bet you saw either houses or even corporate industries dotting the surroundings. In the latter case, it's especially troubling, especially if it's an industry frequently accused of dumping pollutants in the water.

With far too many corporations being untrustworthy, it's extremely rare to see the banks along a lake not have a single business or housing development within the landscape.

Enhancing Your Perspective on Nature

As another comparison, most other lakes you've fished on no doubt had some history you never took the time to absorb. The same applies to being a novice at catching certain species of fish. Here at Oak Lake Lodge, we have fishing guides available that tell you everything you want to know about Oak Lake, the surroundings, plus special techniques on our catch and release fishing policy.

Our guides are worth every penny because they've lived in the true outdoors their entire life and respect the natural rarity around them. You simply won't find this on any other lake where you're always on your own while at the mercy of tourists and unnatural elements.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out how you can book a vacation through us this summer to experience our unique getaway opportunity.

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