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Walleye fishing in Canada with Live Minnows

Walleye fishing in Canada with Live Minnows

Walleye is a tasty freshwater fish found in the waters of Canada and North America. When anglers fish for walleye, the best bait is live minnows. However, live bait presents several problems such as the minnow may wiggle itself off the hook, or it may die. Several tips can help anglers avoid these issues.

About Hook Sharpness and Size

Anglers who are fishing for walleye should buy the right hook size for minnows. Also, live bait hooks must be sharp. Anglers can use a professional honing tool or a nail file to sharpen the hook enough to pierce through the minnow’s mouth.

Spinner Rig Details

If anglers are having trouble tempting a walleye onto their line, then they may consider switching their pole setup to a spinner rig. To bait a spinner rig properly, be sure to slide the hook through the top of the minnow's mouth and before its eyes. With the hook accurately placed, the minnow will appear to swim naturally in the water while it’s connected to the line. In addition, the minnow can still draw oxygen from the water through its gills. Therefore, it will remain alive for a longer time. 

A spinner rig system allows the angler to troll with the minnow or retrieve it without losing the bait. The setup also helps a walleye grab the minnow since the bait will be floating at a natural angle. Some anglers prefer to construct a spinner rig by hand. Consider making several rigs with different colored beads and one hook. If a large number of walleye are present, then use a small ¼ or 3/8 ounce bell sinker for the base with two hooks placed approximately eight inches apart. Be sure to place the first hook about two inches from the base and set the second hook eight inches above the first one. Add a minnow to each hook and keep a snug line or add a float. Keep in mind that walleye have a gentle bite. Therefore, a small shift in the line may signal success.


When anglers decide to go walleye fly in fishing in Canada, they’re more likely to catch their limit by keeping the minnows alive. Also, fishing is a hobby spent in nature. Therefore, relax and enjoy it.

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