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Your cottage and lodge experience during your fishing vacation

Your cottage and lodge experience during your fishing vacation

If you're just now discovering our fly-in fishing vacations here at Oak Lake Lodge, you've possibly already seen the glowing reviews on our site about the fishing experiences. However, we want to prove that our vacations go far beyond just fishing. We know not everyone who discovers our amazing natural environment for the first time is necessarily interested in spending time out on a fishing boat.

We've written here before for those people, including those who just want to commune with peaceful nature or spend time out in the wilderness hunting. One thing you'll discover, though, is the relaxation you can experience staying in our beautiful cottages.

Thanks to our constantly renewed attention to detail, we keep adding more things to our cottages so those who want to spend time there will find pure enjoyment.

Just like in many other vacations, your spouse or kids may go off and do their own activities while you do something else. In your case, perhaps your husband or wife prefers doing the fishing with the kids. Maybe you're concerned, though, that you won't find the right environment for relaxing while staying behind in your cottage.

If you want to just tune out and relax in your cottage, you have plenty there to give you luxury service equivalent to staying in a major hotel. Yet, the difference lies in not having to worry about having someone next door to you making noise or even listening in.

The Privacy of Your Cottages

While we usually place groups into our cottages, each unit has plenty of space to accommodate everyone for sleeping and general living. If your entire family takes up a cottage, it's possible you'll have the entire place to yourself while the others go out to fish or hike. It's here where you'll have everything you need to kick back and do what you want.

As mentioned, the cottages aren't connected so you don't have a hotel-like existence. You'll still have hotel-like amenities, including recurring maid service, coffee delivered to your door every morning, plus delivery of anything you need.

No one from outside will see in either since we don't have excessive tourism in the area. We only let 32 people in at any given time, which means it's just you and your surroundings for the ultimate in relaxation.
When you want to just sleep or catch up on reading, you have different parts of the cottage available with more comfort than a corporate hotel.

Sleeping Accommodations

After winding down from a busy life or career, you may just want to sleep in while your spouse and kids head out early to fish on Oak Lake. The bedrooms are warm and inviting with everything you'd want to make yourself feel at home. This includes clean bedding, dressers, plus hangers for your clothes. Most importantly, you also have proper wood stove heating to keep warm all day.

Even though you're vacationing in a rustic place, you don't have to live austerely in your cottage as a sacrifice. You won't always find that in other remote lodges where you're sometimes living in a place equivalent to a dank log cabin.

Screened Decks and a Comfortable Living Room

Our decks and living room areas in each cottage are top quality, allowing you to sit and snooze, read, or even do work if you're here for a business conference. The views of Oak Lake are nothing short of spectacular, which will hold you in awe while you sit and take everything in. During the evenings, the sunsets are almost ethereal, so be sure to bring your camera.

While the decks have screens, you'll get the same views in the living room if it's too cold outside. With panoramic and energy-efficient windows installed, you won't miss anything, especially when a moose or other natural life treks along the banks.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to ask more about our vacation packages and what we'll provide in every cottage. Experience real relaxation in a rare place where you'll truly commune with unspoiled nature.

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