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September Archery Hunting as Part of Your Fly-In Fishing Vacation

September Archery Hunting as Part of Your Fly-In Fishing Vacation

Our fly-in fishing vacations here at Oak Lake Lodge perpetually have a strong focus on fishing, though hunting becomes the dominant subject once fall arrives. If you've visited us only in the spring or summer, you're possibly not aware that we offer some of the best hunting experiences in the world during the month of September.

One strong reason why you'll have a hunting experience like no other is because we limit the amount of hunters within the pristine wilderness surrounding our lodge. With all of the untouched land here, you have a wilderness area that's untainted by excessive human visitation or industry.

It's truly one of the last places on earth where you can do fishing and hunting without fear of the wildlife being harmed by anything unnatural. Plus, if you've vacationed with us before, the above is likely the top reason why you've wanted to come visit us again as soon as possible.

September is one of the best times of the year based on the invigorating fall weather and the chance to take on some new adventures. Hunting black bear and moose here is an experience you won't ever forget based on how we set up the environment.

While we do take careful control of your hunting journey, the freedom of the unexpected is still there, which improves with a hunting guide. 

The Art of Hunting Black Bear

Those who've participated in black bear hunting here in the past know it's one of the most invigorating few days they'll ever experience in the outdoors. 

As part of our overall restrictions on how many people we allow into our lodge at a time, this helps preserve nature and eliminates the problem of crowds. Other hunting environments around the world usually allow unlimited hunters on public lands, which can create dangerous situations as well.

We take special care in making sure the area where you hunt is safe. Part of this comes in setting up bait in advance around specific areas near Oak Lake. The wilderness surrounding the lake is where many of the black bear try to find food during the beginning of fall, and the bait we use is sure to attract them.

For safety purposes, you'll have a hunting guide with you.

The Art of Hunting for Moose

Moose are also plentiful here starting around mid-September with bow hunting as the method used to catch them. Bow hunting is an art form all its own in how to approach moose based on their distinctive call. 

In addition, you can expect a smaller group of hunters for this excursion. We only allow four hunters at a time to help preserve the moose population in the area. 

Using our hunting guides for both black bear and moose hunting goes beyond just learning the art of hunting technique. 

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out more about our hunting experiences this fall to help you commune with nature on a supreme level.

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