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Fly-in Fishing means you can only reach our lake by float plane

Fly-in Fishing means you can only reach our lake by float plane

Those of you who've never heard of a fly-in fishing vacation have a lot of new things to learn about how different it is from any other fishing trip you've experienced. Here at Oak Lake Lodge, we call our vacations here a fly-in fishing trip because the only way to access our lodge is by float plane. Once you're here, you'll experience a fishing trip like no other thanks to the unique remoteness of our location.

We want you to know that we're one of the last places in North America where you can find truly pristine nature unharmed by industry and excessive tourism. If you thought such a place didn't exist anymore, you'll be amazed at what you'll discover here. This includes not only unharmed wilderness, but also a private lake, otherwise known as Oak Lake.

You can see why we only let 32 people in at any given time to enjoy our lodge and the surrounding nature. Part of this enjoyment comes in the private boats we provide for all visitors to use out on the lake. These have a design for the utmost in personal comfort and convenience so you can spend an entire day on the lake and have a blast.

What things will you find in our private boats that enable you to have fun with your family and friends for an entire day? When you add a fishing guide to go along, you add another unexpected dimension to the fun.

Padded Chairs and Other Amenities in Each Boat

We take special care in making sure your private boat has every amenity you need to make it comfortable for a full eight-hour fishing excursion. This includes new motors we add every year so you don't have to worry about having the motor failure while out in the remotest sections of Oak Lake.

Each boat also comes equipped with padded seats so you can sit all day and feel like you're relaxing in an easy chair. Unless you own a yacht, you've probably never experienced padded seats like ours in a fishing boat. Most small fishing boats you charter don't make you feel as comprehensively comfortable as ours do.

You'll even have all the amenities needed to make fish catches easily. This includes minnow buckets and a well to hold all the fish you're allowed to keep.

The fun you'll have on Oak Lake, though, goes beyond what's in the boat. Once you get out there, you'll have privacy like no other lake, plus a chance to commune with rare nature.

The Privacy of Oak Lake

No doubt every fishing trip you've been on in your lifetime was close to resembling a crowded resort. Almost every local lake near populated areas gets overly filled with people, especially at the height of fishing season or on holidays. It's enough to frustrate an avid fishing aficionado like yourself when you have to rub elbows with other fishermen around a lake or river.

You've possibly experienced the same frustration when fishing in a boat on a crowded body of water. This usually means having to dodge other boats, errant swimmers, and people using other flotation devices.

On Oak Lake, you have a vast lake all to yourself without other tourists permeating the area. Because other homes, resorts, and industries are hundreds of miles away from here, it's just you and nature coalescing. As a result, your chances for fun in seeing, interacting with, and learning about nature makes your fishing trip stand alone.

When you add one of our fishing guides on your boat, you'll learn a lot of stories about the surroundings that we guarantee will entertain you for hours. Some stories from our guides will have you laughing away and in awe all day.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out more about how much fun you'll have on Oak Lake and in your boat. Forget about your crowded local lakes this summer and try us for your summer vacation.

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