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Shopping During Your Fly-In Fishing Trip: Finding Essentials to Enhance Your Experience

Shopping During Your Fly-In Fishing Trip: Finding Essentials to Enhance Your Experience

When you decide to experience our fly-in fishing vacation package here at Oak Lake Lodge, you'll immediately notice the sense of peace and quiet you'll have in comparison to other vacations. We'll remind you that when you arrive here, you're a long way from any industry. This means miles and miles of natural surroundings and not the loud bustle of traffic.

With our limitations of 32 people per visit, you also eliminate concern about excessive tourists. You won't find many vacation spots on earth that don't have an excess of tourists clogging streets, or even on lakes. 

This sense of peace might sound like we're too far away from providing outstanding amenities. Keep in mind we fly in and provide more amenities and supplies than most lodges do that exist away from civilization. 

Fishing Equipment When You Need It

We know not every fishing trip is perfect in having your equipment operate smoothly. Sometimes things break or become lost while out on a fishing boat. If you were staying at any other fishing outskirt, no doubt you'd be out of luck. Many other locations away from immediate towns don't provide a good stock of essential fishing equipment.

Fortunately, you'll find most of what you need in our Tuck Shop. We regularly fly in fishing supplies and stock items. This includes new fishing reels and line in the event your reel breaks or your fishing line runs out.

You'll also find other fishing supplies, though we do have limitations in stock. However, because we limit our visitations to 32 people, you don't have dwindling stock. 

We invite you into the Tuck Shop at any time during normal operating hours so your fishing adventure keeps going without a hitch.

Bait Available Every Day

Live bait is flown in every day. When you hire one of our fishing guides to help you on your fishing trip, they'll get the right bait for the type of fish you want to catch.

Snacks and Beverages When You Want Them

You'll never be without food when you stay with us, especially at our lodge where our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners will keep you full around the clock. But we know most people like to have snacks and beverages during the day while out in their boats or out hunting in the wilderness.

We have everything you need from soft drinks, bottled water, to chocolate bars. We also sell peanuts, which will always give you energy during the day.

Enjoy Our Gift Shop

Next, visit our beautiful gift shop where we have everything to remember your trip by. Our gifts are perfect for yourself or those you know back home who haven't heard of us before. Pass the word on about our vacation packages by buying them a t-shirt, hat, or sweatshirt with our logo.

Contact us to find out more about everything we offer here at Oak Lake Lodge. We guarantee the most peaceful and meaningful trip you'll ever take. You'll have everything to make your trip equivalent to staying in a four-star hotel.

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