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We manage our lodge and waters with careful stewardship

We manage our lodge and waters with careful stewardship

The idea of a fly-in fishing trip might sound similar to the vacations you've had lately: An overly crowded tourist spot that only leads to headaches rather than relaxation. Especially when finding a place giving you the peace of nature, it sometimes gets corrupted by too many people not respecting the surroundings.

You've perhaps had one too many disconcerting moments seeing natural environments looking abused due to the excessive public exposure.

Here at Oak Lake Lodge in Ontario, Canada, we shudder at this scenario ourselves. When we arrived here to run Oak Lake Lodge, we thought we entered heaven once we found out how isolated Oak Lake and the surroundings are.

While the lodge has been here longer than we have, those before us, who ran the lodge, were always careful to preserve this rare pristine vacation spot. If some natural areas throughout Canada are still virtually untouched by the public, the wilderness around Oak Lake has had even less human contact.

By tradition, we limit visitors to 32 people at a time so the area doesn't become a major tourist attraction. Also by tradition, we've avoided all temptation to sell any of the nearby land to industry or other resorts. When you fish on Oak Lake, you won't find other resorts, hotels, or any corporate industries for many miles.

This leaves Oak Lake and the surroundings a private natural refuge for you and your family. What happens, though, if you don't really want to apply the fishing aspect to our fly-in fishing escape.

Enjoying Nature on Oak Lake

One of the greatest things you'll appreciate about vacationing at our lodge is you're not forced into doing fishing. While it's a favourite pastime for many here, others prefer just being around and learning about the beautiful nature around them. 

You won't find many other public places on the planet with as much pristine beauty. Just being on Oak Lake will already give you a small part of the nature you'll enjoy. We recommend using one of our guides to accompany you on your boat rides. All boats are comfortable and provided by us as part of your vacation experience.

As you travel Oak Lake, your nature guide scopes out wildlife, including trumpeter swans frequently seen along the shore. Plus, many of the rocks along Oak Lake have markings from Native Americans who lived in the area during the fur trade two centuries ago.

Enjoying nature doesn't just happen on Oak Lake, though. You have a vast wilderness to explore offshore that's available in the fall for archery hunting. The rest of the year, we let you hike through the wilderness unaccompanied or with a nature guide once again.

Communing with Nature in the Wilderness

You'll enjoy having hunting guides take you into the wild in early fall for hunting black bear and moose. During the off-season, however, you'll have your nature guide point out eagles and their nests residing within the forests. Other animals of the wild are plentiful there as well, and you'll likely run across deer more than once.

Even better are the stories our guides tell visitors about experiences in the wilderness. Many guides have worked here for years and can tell you amazing tales of encountering rare nature face to face. They know this country better than anybody and probably more than the fur traders did when passing through here 200 years ago.

Contact us to find out more about the natural experiences you'll have at Oak Lake Lodge. When you merely want to tune out stress with nature, we'll let you be one with the environment around you.

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