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Our customers rank us a 5-star fishing vacation spot on Trip Advisor but we are always working to be better for you

Our customers rank us a 5-star fishing vacation spot on Trip Advisor but we are always working to be better for you

Anyone who's enjoyed our Ontario fly-in fishing vacations here at Oak Lake Lodge knows we have a remarkable experience surrounded by the greatest nature in the world with superior accommodations. But we also know a perfect vacation is even better when you have those in control making continual improvements. It's the small things that matter in many vacations, and you don't usually get them in even the most luxurious getaways.

We hear a lot of stories from others who've gone to amazing destinations around the world, only to end up having more trouble than they wanted. This is only because those in charge of the trip didn't think about doing little things to make the customer worry less.

Yes, the old notion that you need a vacation from the vacation doesn't apply here. We have many people who attest to this who've experienced our beautiful cottages, a wondrous fishing excursion, plus hunting in invigorating nature not spoiled by industry.

Within the last year (and over the last decade), we've taken the time to improve all the numerous details you'll find on your trip. We studied what people wanted, and with our recent improvements, your booked trip with us this spring will give you an even better experience than those who stayed here years ago had.

Improvements to Boats

We've mentioned on our website that a new motor on a fishing boat makes all the difference in eliminating problems. If you've been on other fishing expeditions in remote places, you perhaps chartered a boat with an aging motor you couldn't get started. Once it did start, it perhaps stopped working while you were out in the middle of nowhere. This likely led to some worry about how you'd get back to shore if at least the trouble of waiting for someone back at the lodge to come rescue you.

You won't have troublesome experiences like that with us because we keep our motors running smoothly.

You can be assured that a well-kept boat and motor is available for all your excursions on Oak Lake. These motors are from Yamaha, a high-quality brand.

Improvements to the Lodge

Those who've stayed in our lodge know we already added many amenities that are equal to those found in four-star hotels. However, we know furniture wears out fast in our cottages after a year of year-round use by guests. It's why we've added new beds in recent years, including extra bathrooms when you have a large family in one cottage.

Furniture has also been renewed over the last decade, giving you a stylish decor worthy of a photograph. You even have a newer cabin we built not long ago that accommodates up to eight people. This makes those large family or group vacations extra special because we know you want extra space.

Keep in mind connectivity between the cottages is also improved with a wooden sidewalk connecting all the buildings. This brings added safety so you don't have to walk along rugged ground. Included are better landing docks so any visitor who has a little trouble walking won't have to worry about obstacles or nature getting in the way of traversing the grounds.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out more about our unique, fly-in fishing vacation plans. We consider our lodge and the surroundings the best natural spot in North America. The extra features we've added over the years only enhances your time with us and will no doubt make you want to return here as your primary vacation destination.

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