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Your fishing boat details for the best experience while fishing

Your fishing boat details for the best experience while fishing

A fly-in fishing vacation likely sounds appealing to you now if you had to work through spring vacation and haven't been away for over a year. It's easy to get caught up in excessive work when you're busy. It's also not easy to escape for even one-day fishing trips. How many times have you done brief fishing vacations to a local lake, only to realize it's over before really relaxing?

Then you have more elaborate excursions with fishing adventures at sea. These might last a little longer, though they're usually quite hectic because of other tourists around you. You also might find the boats uncomfortable, if even sometimes lacking in security measures.

When things go wrong on fishing excursions, it's a true nightmare. Here at Oak Lake Lodge, we're aware of all the pitfalls of fishing trips and designed one that's much more peaceful and extremely safe.

We're able to accomplish this thanks to our lodge location. We exist in one of the most untouched natural environments on earth. Here in Ontario, Canada, our lodge is in a place where you don't have to worry about the chaos of traffic, thousands of tourists, or even bustling cities or industries.

Our lodge is miles away from such things, and the only way in is by plane. With that, you'll also discover one of the best ways to spend a fishing excursion: on your own boat. We loan out 16-foot Lund Rebel boats for your own personal use. We also send out 17.5-feet Lund Outfitter boats when you fish with a professional guide.

No matter which fishing excursion you choose, we want you to know exactly what you'll discover and what safety measures are in place. Much of what you'll see is the result of thorough preparation and based on what we know our regular clients want.

Things Added to the Boat for Your Comfort

When you go out for your fishing excursion on Oak Lake, we know you'll want as much comfort as possible on your boat. It's one reason why we added padded chairs so you won't feel like you sat in a hard chair for hours.

Yes, this is our equivalent of fishing theater seats. Because standing in your boat isn't always an option, you need as much comfort as possible. These seats will never make you feel tired of sitting as you might on other excursions that don't invest in seat padding.

To add to the amenities, we also provide coolers on the boats so you can take refreshing drinks and food out on the lake. These coolers are big enough to hold food for multiple people. As a result, you can snack away for hours without worrying about bringing enough to keep your stomach full.

For convenience, you'll additionally have some paddles and minnow buckets for easier navigation and methods for storing fishing tackle.

Attention to Safety on Every Boat

You're going to appreciate our attention to safety on our boats, including making sure each boat has a new motor. We replace them every year, regardless of the motor quality. With this committed investment, we know you'll appreciate it so you won't have motor failure while out in the middle of the lake.

Our other safety features are essential for all fishing excursions. This includes extra gasoline, life jackets, and a live well for storing the fish to prevent hassles.

This is only part of the attention we pay to making sure your vacation experience is the most peaceful on earth, as well as the safest.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out more about our entire vacation package, plus how comfortable and safe our lodge is as well.

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