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Quality Motors every Season for our Boats

Quality Motors every Season for our Boats

If you're a fishing fan, you know late August and September is a great time to fish because of the chillier mornings that make fish hungrier. The colors of fall also make fishing excursions major photo moments. Regardless, some fishing trips can become a downer when the boats are shabby and unclean or the motor fails.

Take a look at what we provide in our private boats so you're completely taken care of to remove all stress for real relaxation.

A Private Boat That Feels Like Your Own

Because we're in a remote area of Ontario, Canada, bringing your own boat would be impossible anyway. It's why we go out of our way to make sure our private boats feel like one of your own. Since we only let in a limited number of people at a time to our lodge, our supply of private boats are readily available.

We have many visitors who sometimes have the entirety of Oak Lake to themselves. Even if you do share the lake with others, it's a vast expanse that gives you plenty of space among the other boats we provide.

No doubt you wonder what the boat quality is as well. As part of that personalizing process, we make sure your boat has everything you need to continue the fun.

The Importance of a New Boat Motor

How long has it been since you've replaced your boat motor back home? Our own boats get continual maintenance, including new boat motors once every season. That's because we know aging motors can suddenly break down while you're miles away from shore. The last thing you want is to end up being stranded miles away on a lake after having a successful fish catch.

It's not just new boat motors you'll need, however. We provide everything from coolers to padded chairs for the ultimate comfort on your boat as if you customized it yourself. You won't find many other chartered boats that allow you to kick back and enjoy your fishing in a relaxed way.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out more about the type of boats we provide and how we have you covered for a truly restful fall vacation.

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