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Your shore lunches, and lodge meals are carefully prepared and expertly served

Your shore lunches, and lodge meals are carefully prepared and expertly served

When you vacation, finding access to food is always an issue, especially when you're traveling with a big family. Having many people along on your trip also means dealing with some picky eaters. When you ultimately can't find the food you want while traveling, it only makes your vacation more of a frustration than a relaxing experience.

This is all the more reason why you should try our fly-in fishing vacation package here at Oak Lake Lodge. Meals are never a problem at our lodge because we prepare in advance to make your experience the best it can possibly be. You'll also appreciate our attention to something other vacation spots don't always do: Making sure you never go hungry while still making the food healthy.

If the word "healthy" sounds like it shouldn't go on vacation, having a hearty meal already means eating well. You have to keep your energy level up to fully enjoy the pristine nature around you here at Oak Lake Lodge.

While providing relaxation for you is our goal, you'll have the privacy of Oak Lake where all-day fishing excursions are available at your leisure. The same goes for archery hunting out in the wilderness that's untouched by excessive amounts of tourists or industries.

Despite you vacationing in one of the most undisturbed natural locations on earth, being out in the great outdoors always works up an appetite. It's why we place special emphasis on creating meals we know you're going to love. This includes some of the amazing and large fish you'll catch in Oak Lake that you can enjoy as part of a shore lunch.

Take a look at what kind of meals you'll experience for every meal of the day, including the ability to snack when you want to.


While we recommend you bring some snacks with you on your trip, we cover all three meals of the day here so you'll never go hungry. Breakfasts will amaze you because we give you more than you probably usually have for breakfast. But we want you to have as much food as possible to start your day off right.

After waking up in your comfortable and warm cottage, we'll begin your day by delivering coffee at your door. We do this as a complimentary service without disturbing your sleep. Just look outside your door in the morning, and you'll have instant coffee the way you want it so you can kick off the morning on the right foot.

When you walk over to our lodge dining room, we'll serve you breakfasts like you won't believe. This includes big stacks of flapjacks, french toast, bacon, and the works. Breakfasts like this will keep you going until lunch when a fishing guide is available to serve you a shore lunch with the fish you catch.

The Fun of Our Shore Lunches

There isn't anything more fun with your family than a fish fry along the lake where you caught your fish. With some Oak Lake fish meant for catch and release, we still let you keep and eat walleye, which are very delicious. These fish get prepared for you under a canopy (if rain hits), along with many side dishes and drinks.

Some of the side dishes include salads and other extras so you'll feel full once again until you return to the lodge for dinner later in the day.

Dinners That Go Beyond Fish

It's not all about fish in your dinners here. In fact, walleye is only served at shore lunches. You'll be able to enjoy every type of meat you can name from turkey to steaks. Regardless, you know that fish have plenty of healthy Omega-3's, so we'll serve as much fish as you want. Any meat lover will be in heaven, though you'll also have healthy extras like cooked vegetables.

Desserts are additionally available for fulfillment all night until you repeat the process the next morning.

Keep in mind that snacks are available in our store so you can keep your stomach filled while on your boat during the hours between lunch and dinner.

Contact us to find out more about the type of meals we serve. Meals are only one small part of what you'll experience at Oak Lake Lodge where you'll find a unique vacation spot like no other.

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