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Are you tired of the typical fishing trips? Try our exclusive fishing vacation.

Are you tired of the typical fishing trips? Try our exclusive fishing vacation.

Are you bored with fishing the same old lakes with nothing but a sunburn to show for your trouble? And are you totally over trudging through the woods to more rarely fished lakes and suffering through a full immersion in the glories of nature? If so, you seriously just have to try the fly-in fishing we offer at Oak Lake Lodge.Our exclusive private lake can only be accessed by a plane and offers you an incredibly fun (and comfortable) fishing experience like no other!

Exclusive Lake Access

Too many lakes get over-fished by zealous outdoor enthusiasts that don't understand the importance of carefully managing the fish population. As a result, formerly popular lakes turn into desolate wastelands where no fish can be found. However, our lake is highly isolated and accessible only by a short plane flight from Vermillion Bay. While on the way, you can enjoy the rich natural beauty that surrounds us in Canada. And once you're here, you'll get access to high-quality boats that are quality inspected at the end of every fishing season to ensure they are safe. We also replace all boat motors every year, ensuring that you won't have to suffer the indignity of fishing in a dingy wreck.

As for our fishing, try to imagine a nearly untouched lake that is regularly stocked with a wide variety of local favourites. Go one step further and imagine only a handful of fishermen can even get to the lake every season. That should give you a taste of the quality of our fishing. We 100% guarantee that you will catch fish. 

Expansive Cabins

At Oak Lodge, you'll be "roughing it" in some of the most immaculate cabins in the area. Each cabin comes with a fully furnished living room, including comfortable chairs, couches, a screened-in front deck, a beverage fridge, ceiling lamps, fans, and a rustic wood stove. Unlike other fly-in fishing cabins, you'll have access to electricity, hot and cold running water, flushing toilets, showers, and a refrigerator. Hey, just because you're in the wilderness doesn't mean you have to live like a caveman, right? When it comes time to turn out the lights, you can relax on comfortable beds with absolutely fresh linens, warm blankets, and comfortable pillows. And if you make a mess, don't worry! We also offer daily maid service.

Delicious Meals

Some of our competitors leave you to your own devices when it comes time to eat, but we at Oak Lake Lodge know how difficult it can be to plan a trip like this. After all, you're being flown in to an exclusive, private lake. It can be easy to either over-pack or under-pack when it comes to food, leading to spoilage or excessive hunger. That's why we offer three meals every day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also offer a daily dose of crucial coffee, delivered right to your door every morning. One of our most popular food services is the "shore lunch" experience. Shore lunch is basically a picnic on the beach and is designed for fishermen that don't want to get off the lake for a moment longer than they have to. It offers all the amenities of our full lunch, including drinks and desserts.

By now, you should be totally sold on the Oak Ridge fly-in fishing experience. No other lodge offers the "rough and tumble" fishermen of the world such a luxuriant and comfortable experience. That's why you should contact us to set up a fishing trip experience you'll never forget!

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