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What's it like to stay at our lodge?

What's it like to stay at our lodge?

Our fly-in fishing vacation package here at Oak Lake Lodge is one that has more than the title suggests. While our vacations have benefits for those who want a unique fishing experience, we know not everyone along on the trip will necessarily want to fish. These are sometimes family members who only want to absorb the surroundings.

Many of them frequently ask us if they'll have enough relaxing things to do while their partner is out catching amazing fish in Oak Lake.

If you're soon planning to join your spouse or other family members on one of our trips, we want you to know you're still going to love the ambiance. Much of this comes in the other option of hiking in the great outdoors, plus living in one of our beautiful cottages.

Our lodge is quite special compared to what you've probably experienced elsewhere. The reason is we put as much care into your living experience as we do in the boats available for the fishing excursions. We've recently written about our perfectionism in bringing convenience and safety to our boats. It's no different while staying in our cottages at the lodge.

What kind of enjoyment can you expect to find at our Oak Lake Lodge? If you're not into fishing, you'll find a wonderful environment the entire time in your cottage where amenities are more than you'll expect.

Our Cottages

We have five cottages on the grounds that small groups stay in based on the amount of people visiting us. Generally, we limit all groups to 32 people, which means you won't have to worry about hundreds of tourists causing chaos and bustle around the area.

While your spouse or other relatives go out to hunt or fish, perhaps you'll prefer to kick back in your cottage. Even though each cottage has a group of people residing there, you'll possibly be able to enjoy it alone while everyone else is out in the wilderness or on the lake.

One of the things you'll immediately love is spending time in the cottage living room with a beautiful view of the lake. This includes a screened deck with very comfortable lounge chairs for the ultimate relaxation. In the evenings, the sunsets are often spectacular, giving you and your spouse a wonderful romantic way to end the evening.

During the day, you'll enjoy the living room with our comfortable chairs and couches. In the winter, you'll probably want to stay in more, and we guarantee the room being toasty warm. You'll still have an amazing panoramic view of the lake out the windows.

A beverage fridge is right near by so you can reach for your favourite drink any hour of the day. Plus, a wood stove is there when you need to feel warm during a chilly morning or afternoon.

The Best Amenities for Sleeping

You can kick back and sleep in a chair out on the deck during the day if you want to. However, for nighttime sleeping, we guarantee the best bedroom amenities to make time there as comfortable as a four-star hotel. Many cottages found in natural surroundings don't provide things like warm blankets, hangers for your clothes, and bedside tables.

In this regard, we think we've reinvented how people perceive cottages and everything found inside.

Other Luxury Services

One extra amenity many of our visitors appreciate is early morning coffee delivered to your door. We leave it there quietly without knocking as a complimentary service. On a cold morning, you're going to love opening your door and having a pot of hot coffee readily available to drink the minute you wake up.

Along with maid service and hot showers, you have everything you need in your cottage.

So let the others do their fishing excursions and let yourself curl up on a couch and enjoy our cottage amenities.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out more about our entire vacation package. You're in for an unforgettable experience either outdoors or indoors.

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