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Enjoy a Unique Experience this Year - something different than your typical hotel-style vacation

Enjoy a Unique Experience this Year - something different than your typical hotel-style vacation

We don't blame you if you've told yourself that you've had it with hotels after being forced to stay in one everywhere you go for vacation. Even in remote areas of the world, you've likely had to stay in corporate-like hotels that mar the surroundings. This doesn't include the issues you have to deal with inside your hotel room that seem uniform in too many hotel franchises.

With those unpleasant experiences fresh in your mind, a fly-in fishing vacation with us here at Oak Lake Lodge is a major means of escape. We're one of the rare places on earth where you can enjoy a pristine natural environment without a multi-story hotel standing on the grounds.

It's unfortunate when you see a natural area with a hotel nearby and you realize that it's all about making money rather than protecting the surrounding area. We look at protecting nature in a much different light since we know how rare the wilderness is here in Ontario, Canada. Had we sold out and allowed contractors to build resorts or hotels on this land, none of the nature around us would have survived.

Here, you can truly vacation in a place that's pure without other homes, industries, resorts, or hotels dotting the landscape. At the same time, we understand that people still want some of the amenities enjoyed in hotels.

We've mended these seemingly disparate worlds into our beautiful cottages where you'll have both A-list service and rare nature around you.

What aspects of hotel service are similar to our cottages, and which ones are very different?

Deliveries to Your Door

Much like doormen in hotels, you'll have deliveries at your door when you need something. We're also there to deliver coffee at your door every morning without disturbing you. It's a service that's usually quite expensive in a corporate hotel. At our lodge, we don't add unnecessary fees for these kind of services. It's all paid for through your total vacation price that never has unexpected charges.

While you'll have this delivery convenience, many of the best amenities come in what you already have available in your cottages.

Modern Amenities and Cleaning Services

Just because you're vacationing in an isolated place doesn't mean you have to live austerely. You'll have all the modern amenities you'll find in major hotels, including excellent plumbing, bedding, and stylish furniture.

The difference between this and a corporate hotel is that we provide unique character to the design of each cottage. Most hotels owned by corporations make every room look similar so it feels as if you're just another guest. In our cottages, you'll feel like you're in a second home thanks to furniture that's actually comfortable.

Stunning Views and Privacy

How many stunning views have you ever experienced out of a major hotel? Many hotels around the world do, yet the views aren't necessarily pristine under the surface. Many views are only of swimming pools or of other artificial environments. Other hotels or resorts provide stunning views of the ocean or mountains (for a significant price), but don't always allow privacy on balconies.

Here at our cottages, you have an amazing view of Oak Lake without even having to step outside. Our panoramic windows in your living room allow you to kick back in a comfortable chair and enjoy the view. You also have a private screened-in deck where you can take in the same scenery. On our decks, you have complete privacy without concern of someone seeing you from a nearby unit or along the lake's banks.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out how different we are from typical hotels (or resorts) worldwide. When you stay with us, it's just you, nature, and personalized service to help you forget any past hotel experiences.

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