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Details about a fishing trip to Oak Lake Lodge

Details about a fishing trip to Oak Lake Lodge

The idea of a fly in fishing vacation has perhaps never crossed your mind when wanting to truly get away from your life or work environment. It's not always easy to find vacation spots in North America taking you away to a place making you forget about your problems or where you're completely surrounded by nature. Even in the natural locations, tourists might be considerable, hence giving you more stress in the long run dealing with crowds.

You can say the same about fishing spots if you deem fishing as the greatest and most peaceful pastime. Unfortunately, far too many unique fishing getaways aren't exclusive and end up being overly crowded. Perhaps you've been dreaming of a place where you can fish and still relax without excessive crowds and where others take care of things for you.

Fly-in fishing is your answer, and you don't even need to love fishing to enjoy the atmosphere for the most relaxing vacation you'll find anywhere. Located in Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada, our fly-in fishing excursion here at Oak Lake Lodge is one you'll remember forever and want to do again.

What things will you find that help reduce stress and provide amazing relaxation without breaking the bank? We want you to keep us in mind for all your future vacations when you absolutely need to remove stress from your life.

An Easy Travel Method

How much stress have you experienced in your travel life that was due to the physical traveling involved? When it comes to airlines, it doesn't need saying how annoyingly stressful things are. Your arrival to Vermilion Bay doesn't deal with airlines and instead by private float plane. This method is a lot of fun since it gives you both the feeling of flying and being on a boat.

Best of all, you're not sitting around unruly passengers as you would on an airline. You instead have an outstanding pilot who will tell you a lot of fun stories while you fly into Vermilion Bay. Despite the flight taking roughly 25 minutes, you'll be thoroughly entertained every minute by our pilot, plus being awestruck by the breathtaking scenery.

Accommodations in Your Cottage

With your travel method being stress-free, you're just beginning a trip eliminating worry about anything. This includes providing excellent amenities and cleanliness in your cottages, which is the only lodge located along Oak Lake. There isn't any need of being want of anything, because we include every amenity a four-star hotel does, including bar fridges. You can't always find these things at lodges in the great outdoors.

No Worries About Food

Along with travel methods, food is one of the biggest stresses in traveling. When you have someone create meals for you, it removes the problem of finding time to create your own meals for a large family. If you're bringing your entire family, you can count on us providing every meal you need. This includes a hearty breakfast every morning in our lodge, satisfying lunches, and mouth-watering dinners.

Naturally, this includes fish, which is the next part of your excursion that will truly take you away.

Fishing and Hunting Excursions Without Waiting

We'll get you going on your fishing and hunting excursions within the first hour after you arrive. There isn't any waiting around to get your true vacation underway. You're guaranteed a pristine wilderness once you get out on our boats or traverse the natural landscapes. You also have no human influences around for hundreds of miles, so it's one of the few places on earth where you can escape the stresses of civilian life.

This is really what our fly in fishing vacations are all about. Even though you'll have to return to the mad dash of life eventually, we'll calm your nerves in the interim. The great thing is we're always there for you when you want to escape again.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out more about our fly in fishing vacation packages. It's time for you to escape now as the approaching spring weather turns beautiful here in peaceful Ontario, Canada.

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