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Customer Service is our specialty, a skill we continually strive to improve

Customer Service is our specialty, a skill we continually strive to improve

Any fly-in fishing trip that's worth anything is the result of numerous people working hard to make sure things go right.

You can equate it to an Oscar-caliber movie that wouldn't have prestige without contributions from everyone to the director to the caterers and grips. This comparison extends to vacation spots like us here at Oak Lake Lodge where our central goal is making sure you have the greatest vacation you've ever had.

Fortunately, having pristine natural surroundings around us makes our job a little easier. But that doesn't mean vacations in nature aren't sometimes fraught with issues if you don't plan things well. You've likely had one too many vacations in your lifetime where things went far from what you expected.

We have to admit that most vacations in top tourist destinations don't always go as planned. This is only due to lack of preparation and staff at local inns or lodges not taking extra steps to make your experience memorable.

Here at Oak Lake Lodge, we guarantee your experience with us is first-rate from your first day to the last. Much of this gets accomplished through our own superior staff that we want you to meet when you arrive. Every person is there to add a separate layer to your vacation experience so you have true peace and meaning to your stay.

Your Hosts

John and May Naimian host the lodge for you and coordinate the staff accommodating you. They also arrange your method of travel for arriving here since we're in an isolated area away from tourists and industries. John Naimian arranges your flight out of Vermillion Bay, Ontario for a smooth flight into Oak Lake near our lodge.

When you arrive at the dock by plane, the Naimians are there to greet you as just the beginning of the courteous service you'll receive. After the initial greeting, you're free to do what you want. Most of this starts with our staff at the lodge where you'll receive service similar to what you've experienced in luxury hotels.

Staff at the Lodge

Much like in four-star hotels, we have staff in our lodge to provide anything you need at any time. This includes our maids who make sure your private cottages have every amenity during the day. Considering some of you will prefer staying in your warm cottage if you're not into fishing or hunting, maid service is available to keep things clean or deliver items to you.

In the mornings, you'll be treated to hot coffee quietly left at your cottage doorstep as a complimentary service from our staff. There isn't any need to tip since we leave it there before you wake up to start off your day on the right foot.

Then you have our chefs in the lodge restaurant that will make your day preparing the best meals you'll find anywhere. Whether it be a hearty breakfast of flapjacks, French toast, or a delicious dinner (complete with all varieties of meats), you'll want to give our resident chefs a pat on the back.

You're free to talk to them and give them your compliments. While these services are part of your experience, we appreciate you letting our staff know how they're doing. It helps us gauge how well we're doing our jobs.

Fishing and Hunting Guides as Part of Staff

Many of our staff guides have been with us for many years, and they have myriad stories to tell you. Hiring a fishing or hunting guide to accompany you is an added service, though we guarantee it's well worth the extra money. If you've never fished on a boat or never experienced archery hunting for black bear and moose, our guides will show you the way. 

Our guides also work as general nature guides if you only want to commune and understand the rare nature around you.

Along the way, your guides will also cook you a fish-fry along the shore to enjoy your fish catches and more of your guide's amazing nature tales.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out more about our vacation packages. Come and appreciate our staff where they'll only provide what you need rather than be in your way.

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