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Enjoy the purity and majesty of the unspoiled nature

Enjoy the purity and majesty of the unspoiled nature

Appreciating and preserving nature is the central focus of our fly-in fishing vacations here at Oak Lake Lodge. You could probably surmise this from our website where we try to pictorially show you the type of environment you'll experience. But you have to visit in person to really understand the purity and majesty of the unspoiled nature around you. Because we only let 32 people in at a time and are miles away from any other resorts or industries, it's a true paradise that's hard to find anywhere on the planet.

While you'll have a fishing trip like no other and have chances to trek through pristine wilderness, we want you to appreciate this area like nobody else. It's easy to take it for granted and focus strictly on catching fish or meditating on the scenery. However, we want you to realize new perspectives on the nature here before you head home.
You'll experience this partly through our guides who you can hire separately. They'll tell you entertaining stories and show you hidden aspects to the surrounding nature as a way to help you appreciate the surroundings even more than when you first arrived.

Take a look at some things you'll learn that will likely inspire you to never take untainted nature for granted again.

Guide Stories About Growing Up in This Environment

Once you get to know our guides, you'll realize they literally grew up in this environment to Ontario, Canada. They didn't just use this area for recreation either. The fishing and hunting they did in their childhood was for survival and became a part of daily life. This is all passed down from their parents who did the same thing, with many guides having a lineage going back several generations.

Based on this background, they know the land here. As a result, it gives you a huge advantage hiring them because they'll show you things about the area you'd never know otherwise.

Knowledge About the Wildlife Around You

The surroundings of our lodge are teeming with wildlife at all times. Without a guide's help, you probably wouldn't know how to identify certain species in the bird kingdom, or even the fish in Oak Lake. Rather than identify certain wildlife as just a moose or an eagle, you'll know the exact formal name of these creatures, what they feed on, and when they're most seen by our visitors.

Your guide also shows you where to look for them since some of the wildlife could pass by without you noticing if you're busy fishing or absorbing the scenery.

Even better is the attention you'll get while fishing. With a guide in your private boat, you'll learn about our catch and release policy (for most fish) and why it's so important to the ecosystem. You'll also learn how to identify specific species of fish you've perhaps never caught before like Walleye and Northern Pike.

The History of the Area

Despite the lack of heavy tourism here, the area has a rich history going back hundreds of years. The Canadian First Nations lived here centuries ago, and they participated in the fur trades of the 1800s. They happened to mark many of the rocks along Oak Lake's banks during this era, something that still exists to this day. Our guides point them out to visitors as a way of showing how lack of industry here preserved history going back two centuries.

Afterward, you'll come away with a new impression and appreciation of this part of the world. We want to keep preserving it while still treating you to the best vacation experience of your life.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to book a vacation this summer. You'll find nature here that's above and beyond any place you'll visit in your local area.

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