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Are you undecided about a fly-in fishing trip to Canada?

Are you undecided about a fly-in fishing trip to Canada?

The idea of going to a fly-in fishing resort can be daunting to the inexperienced. After all, it seems like only true fishing fanatics would go to such great lengths to enjoy a semi-private fishing hole! In reality, though, this is far from the case. Many people sign up for these packages even if they've done little or no fishing before. This is because there's more to a fly-in fishing resort than the fish. Our resort also offers relaxation, seclusion, and a truly natural environment.

At Oak Lake Lodge, each guest's experience is perfectly tailored to meet that guest's desires. For example, many who are new to fishing are squeamish about handling bait or sharp hooks. Alternatively, they may not want to have to handle a wet, wiggling fish that has just been caught. These customers will appreciate our full-service packages in which our guides bait the hooks, unhook the catch, or both. This allows guests to focus on the most fun parts of the experience - enjoying the water, pulling up the fish, and of course, eating fish dinner.

Those who enjoy all aspects of the fishing experience need not worry. Our guides will be happy to step back and let guests take care of all of the little details. Of course, our guides will still perform the essential service for those who know and love every part of fishing: finding the best spots! They'll also be glad to explain just what makes a spot good, so guests can find their own favourite fishing holes even after their stay here ends.

Here at Oak Lake Lodge, we know that there's far more to a fly-in fishing trip than the fishing itself. Therefore, we've put plenty of effort into ensuring that the rest of the trip will be relaxing and enjoyable. Our meals are one of the most important parts of the experience. Breakfast and dinner are cooked by our fine kitchen staff. You'll start your day of fishing or hunting with a big breakfast that will keep you going all the way until our shoreside lunch. This lunch includes fish that are prepared right on the spot - from cleaning to frying - along with appetizers and sides from our kitchen. Dinner is made in the kitchen and is an excellent end to the food offerings of the day. After dinner, you can go back out and fish more or simply take in the great woodsy atmosphere from the porch of your cabin.

Of course, we know that it's not a proper vacation if you have to do the cleaning at your cabin. Therefore, we provide daily maid service to keep everything ship-shape. You'll never feel like you're roughing it!

Getting to our fly in fishing location isn't as hard as one might expect. You simply need to get to Vermilion Bay, Ontario to start the journey. Most guests get there from the airport at International Falls. If you choose to take our van service, you won't have to do anything after arriving at the Falls - you'll have a ride to our private air service in the limo-van. Car rental service is also available for those who choose to drive to Vermilion Bay.

Once you're at Vermilion Bay, our air service will take care of the next hop. You'll fly in a float plane which will take you to the resort. Upon arrival, you'll experience a soft, water landing before the pilot moves the plane to the dock. Disembarking is similar to getting off of a boat, so there's no need to worry about it being too hard.

To learn more about our fly-in fishing or hunting vacations, just contact us. We'll be glad to answer all of your questions and book you in for a stay at Oak Lake Lodge.

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