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Summer Fishing Trips to Canada

Summer Fishing Trips to Canada

Now that summer is in its final stretch and summer vacations end, have you thought about one more summer escape before going back to work? Because your kids will also likely be back in school soon, the chance for another family vacation possibly can't happen for months. You also perhaps have a job that won't let you get away that easily.

A fly-in fishing vacation is one of the best ways to get your mind rested before taking on the long haul of your career through the fall and winter months. Here at Oak Lake Lodge, we want to make vacation experiences meaningful so you can look back and realize you had a truly relaxing vacation rather than one filled with unnecessary stress.

The good news is that we're also open in the fall and winter if you can find a window of opportunity to get away to escape your busy life.

Even if you can't, we want you to see why vacationing with us as your summer vacation destination is so important. If you're one who can't really find relaxation in any other tourist spot, we'll show you how we make everyone feel like they're in a different world.

Pristine Nature in Late Summer/Early Fall

If you've never been to northwestern Ontario, Canada, you're going to love the pristine nature found here in numerous places. Throughout the surrounding property of our lodge, you'll find nature that's been preserved without other resorts, houses, or industries. This means communing with nature unlike any other place available on earth other than overly remote areas.

Once you explore the nature here, you'll realize its superior beauty in the late summer and early fall months. By this time, foliage is just beginning to turn color, and you'll feel a crispness in the air that's unbeatable anywhere else. You'll be able to breathe in truly pure oxygen without worry of nearby pollution.

This alone will invigorate you mentally and physically, hence making you healthier as you return to a more chaotic civilization later.

Fishing is Spectacular

Fishing is ongoing here, and as the weather starts to slightly cool, the fish only become hungrier. When you use one of our fishing guides to enhance your fishing experiences, you're taken away to yet another world of fun.
As part of the excursion, they'll let you in on little-known facts about the fish and nature around you as it evolves through each seasonal change. 

You'll feel completely removed from the world you came from, which is what you want when wanting to find a real summer escape.

The Best Food in an Isolated Place

If you think you'll find excellent food in other late summer resorts, it's not always possible. While some remote islands around the world give you some exotic food endemic to the region, you can't always be sure it'll settle right with you. You probably prefer to have food you're familiar with, yet substantive enough to keep you full around the clock.

That's exactly what you'll find here where we serve traditional and hearty meals all day long. This includes a fish fry along the banks of Oak Lake where you can enjoy the late summer weather while also devouring your fish catches.

Once you leave us, we'll keep you in mind, because we and our guides remember everyone who visits us. Come back again next spring or summer so we can become your immediate source of peace for vacation every year. 

Contact us to book your last trip for summer where you'll enjoy one of the last pristine places left on earth.

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