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Choosing the Season for your Fishing Vacation

Choosing the Season for your Fishing Vacation

When it comes to vacations, weather seems more important than any real value to where people stay. For most of society, it seems the warmer the climate, the more they think they've officially vacationed from ordinary life. The only trouble with warm vacation spots is they don't always provide the best vacation experiences.

You've likely found this out as an adult while trying to find peace on an overcrowded beach or other popular tourist location south of the equator.

While visiting a location like the above is understandable if you live in colder climates most of the year, where can you go to experience a true variety of weather? Also, where can you go to gain true meaning in your vacation so you don't have wasted time and money?

Our fly-in fishing vacation here at Oak Lake Lodge gives you not only pristine nature beyond compare, you have the best place to experience actual seasonal temperatures. Whether you prefer a place with moderately warm temps, or enjoy cool, crisp days and nights, the temperatures here have the best variety without any extremes.

Take a look at the type of temperatures you can expect each season in our Ontario location.


After the winter snows, spring temperatures here are truly refreshing. With the snow melts and the reawakening of wildlife, you can expect temperatures within the 40s and 50s Fahrenheit. At night, it still gets quite cold, though many who stay here appreciate it. Thanks to a reliable and safe wood stove in every cottage, you can sleep warm and secure.

Fishing season starts in the spring, and the fish here are at their hungriest because of the cooler temperatures. Because we have no industry around us for miles, the fish in Oak Lake are like manna from heaven. It's a chance to catch fish without worry of any ingesting toxins or other pollutants.


Some of you might be surprised to know that it can get close to 80 degrees here during the day in the middle of summer. It's one reason we see most of our visitors in June, July, and August. Fishing is still fantastic despite the heat, though you'll never have to worry about excessive heat to make you (and the fish) feel lethargic.

At night, it cools down considerably where you'll love breathing the fresh, night air out on your private desk outside your cottage.


You'll love visiting here in the fall when the weather starts to turn gradually cooler and the brisk air inspires hiking or hunting out in the surrounding wilderness. The foliage begin to turn as well, so you'll have plenty of photo opportunities if you want to capture fall colors in their full glory.

Hunting and fishing are synonymous this time of year, and daytime temps run in the 40s, if even the 30s on some days. It's enough to work up an appetite while out in the wild, which is something we take care of with our amazing and hearty meals.

At night, it can occasionally get down into the teens where your cottage wood stove helps you never feel a chill.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out more about our temperatures each season and what you should bring with you to make your vacation a truly meaningful experience.

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