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A Family Reunion, with a unique twist - The Family-Reunion Fishing Trip

A Family Reunion, with a unique twist - The Family-Reunion Fishing Trip

With summer here, it usually means the search for the perfect vacation spot, plus venues for family reunions. If you're planning a family reunion this summer, no doubt you're having trouble finding a perfect place where you can all meet with so many venues already booked for the next three months. You probably don't initially think a fly-in fishing vacation would be the perfect location to accommodate a large group like your family.

We hope we'll change your mind here at Oak Lake Lodge. We're really the perfect place you can imagine for a family reunion because we're in a remote area of Ontario, Canada you probably didn't think existed.

It's a place far away from tourists, industries, hotels, or resorts. We're also the best spot for groups to gather and have a level of privacy and peace they've never experienced. On top of it, we have superior nature, fishing, and hunting available to keep everyone entertained for days.

No more do you have to worry about booking an overly crowded venue for your family reunion. The same goes for renting a facility that's too cramped for space when you possibly have dozens of people in your family who reunite every year or two. Take a look at how our lodge provides an excellent location for your summer family reunion to accommodate peace of mind and room to breathe.

Cottages with Plenty of Room

We typically only allow 32 people into the surroundings at a time so you can avoid the problem of crowds. You won't find very many lodges (or especially resorts) that aren't already teeming with tourists.

With our cottages, you have plenty of space for your large family without having to literally run into people you don't even know. You can group up six people at a time in two cottages, eight in two other cottages, and four in yet another. If you have 32 people in your family reunion, this works just perfectly.

However, despite the groupings in each cottage, you'll all have plenty of elbow room for activity and enjoyment. Much of this comes in the top-notch accommodations we provide in each cottage.

You'll find things only comparable to what you'd find in a four-star hotel, including coffee delivered to your door every morning. It also includes one section of your cottage you'll love where you can commune with family for the best conversations.

A Private Deck with Stunning Views

When you have a family reunion underway, you want a place that inspires good conversations as well as some privacy. For an interior, there isn't any better spot than our screened-in porches in our cottages.

With a beautiful view of Oak Lake and otherworldly sunsets every evening to match, you have nature and comfort balance around you while you catch up with family news.

The screen around the porch protects you from insects, which beats having a family gathering in an open park where you're fair game for a million mosquito bites.

Being with Your Family in a Private Boat on Oak Lake

Because fishing is a major focus here, your family reunion can also double as a fishing vacation. You'll have the opportunity to take one of the several private boats and spend time on peaceful Oak Lake together. Out there, you'll have plenty of time for conversation, plus have fun catching and releasing the beautiful Walleye, Northern Pike, and Smallmouth Bass that populate the lake.

The hearty meals we provide afterward will have every member of your family constantly full. Plus, you'll have opportunities for far more conversation as you eat meals in our lodge or have a fish fry along the banks of the lake, courtesy of our fishing guides.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge if you're planning a family reunion this summer and need a spot away from other people and industry. We guarantee you'll want to hold all your family reunions here in the future.

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