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A clean, pristine environment, untouched by industry

A clean, pristine environment, untouched by industry

As you vacation this summer, do you ponder how fresh the water is around you if near an ocean, lake, or river? Pollution is one of those issues that isn't always apparent at first glance. Some of the pollution in North America is sometimes a major eyesore under the surface of nature. Bodies of water are unfortunately some of those places, and we'd possibly see the painful realities if all the water drained out.

Occasionally, during droughts, some rivers, and lakes dry up and we see how much garbage lies under those natural waters. It's especially disconcerting in places you thought were pristine for years, yet became overrun with tourism.
The above is one reason why we're so lucky to offer our fly-in fishing vacations here at Oak Lake Lodge. 

Oak Lake outlines our lodge where you'll experience a fishing excursion like no other you've possibly had in the world. While this might sound like hyperbole, it isn't once you know the facts of how clean the water is here. Let's take a look at how pristine the water is in your favourite vacation spot compared to our Oak Lake. You'll find that few places are left in the world where you could swim in natural waters without fear of wondering what's in the water.

It's Tempting to Think of Beach Vacations but there is something unique, and different to Experience with us

We know it's always tempting to head to the beach for summer vacation. What you're probably realizing lately is that everybody goes to the beach, which means a constant exercise in fighting crowds in a supposedly relaxing place. Then you have the ocean itself, which you can't always assume looks as clean as its color.

While many beaches have localized volunteers to pick up litter along coastlines, there isn't a question our oceans are liberally littered with garbage. It comes from fishing boats, industries, homes, and excessive tourism along virtually every coastline in the world. This doesn't include natural disasters, which we saw evidence of with the Japan tsunami in 2011 that affected U.S. west coast beaches.

Oak Lake near our lodge has experienced none of this, including very limited tourism. In other words, you have a lake that's unspoiled and in its original state since its natural formation centuries ago.

Lakes, Rivers, and Creeks Near Resorts

We don't have to say how many resorts exist along major bodies of water in every country. It's sometimes aggravating to look at how many tourist sites get built up around natural areas for the sake of capitalism. While there isn't anything wrong with the resorts themselves, the real problem is allowing too many people in at a time. Plus, corporate industries are sometimes located nearby, adding to the pollution problem.

No doubt you've done some swimming in lakes, rivers, and creeks near tourist resorts and wondered just how clean the water really is. A nearby industrial plant could have released chemicals into the water without anyone knowing it. As you and your family swim in those waters, you're consuming possible toxins without your knowledge.

In Oak Lake, you never have to worry about second-guessing whether the water is clean because no other resort or industry exists near here. There aren't even any private homes anywhere nearby.

Obviously, this is important for the fish you'll catch while in our provided private boats. Despite us having a catch and release policy for fish, you can eat the walleye you land during our shore lunches.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out more about Oak Lake, its history, and what we offer in the way of vacations for a lifetime.

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