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What to know about Oak Lake

What to know about Oak Lake

Sometimes, you just feel like getting away from it all. The intruding headlights beaming in through your window common of suburban life make you want to get as far away from the noise and commotion as possible. You want to relax and fish all day while your food and accommodation needs are met. This is where our Oak Lake fly-in fishing vacations can help.

At Oak Lake, our guests must be flown in from the mainland as there is no driving or boating access to the area. Guests may also enter via private planes. They will be treated to excellent accommodations, delicious meals, and exclusive fishing rights in the area. Additionally, guests in September will have exclusive rights to bow-hunt for local black bear and moose.

About Oak Lake

Oak Lake is located in a scenic north-western part of Ontario, Canada. We are the only lodge on the lake, and the government prohibits locals from camping within 1,200 feet of the shoreline. There are no industrial locations leading into or on the lake itself, no boating access, and no road access. This guarantees you an excellent and exclusive once-in-a-lifetime fishing experience.

Beautiful Accommodations

All of our cottages come with a beautiful panoramic view of the lake as well as a spacious living area complete with furniture and a refrigerator for beverages. The bedrooms are comfortable and rustic, with provided linens, pillows, bedside tables, dressers and hangers for clothing, and bedside lamps. Washrooms feature a large shower, flushing toilets, and of course running hot and cold water.

The Fish

Oak Lake is fed by over a two dozen tributaries, plus additional connections to the English River. As such, our lake contains excellent numbers of Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Pike, and Muskie. Our lodge operates on a catch-and-release basis of the Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike. However, Walleye are caught, prepared, and fried as lunch right on the shore!

The Wildlife

Because our lodge is so remote, you can expect to see a number of wildlife such as beavers, moose, black bears, eagles, and a variety of other bird and northern animal species. 

The carefully prepared Meals

Come morning, you will awake to find freshly brewed coffee awaiting you outside your lodge door. Then, our cooks serve a full breakfast in the main dining room. Come lunch time, our guides prepare an outdoor fish fry of Walleye fish caught during that day. They are prepped and fried up right on the shore. The fried fish is complimented by fresh garden salad and sides brought down from the kitchen. At dinner time, hearty servings of steak, prime rib, turkey, roast pork, chicken, lasagna, and more may be brought to your table restaurant-style. And finally, dinner is complemented by a variety of delicious desserts.

September Archery Hunting

During the month of September, we offer guided black bear and moose bowhunting. You will be required to bring your USA hunting license, as it is necessary to receive your temporary Canadian hunting license. Our black bear hunts are limited to ten hunters. Once you are briefed by our trained guides, you will be boated to the hunting area to set up your stand.

All hunters will be guaranteed an actively baited area, as all of our bait areas are tended to daily. Our moose hunts are limited to four hunters and start in Mid-September when the bull moose answers to a specific call. Our guided moose and black bear hunts are guaranteed to be the hunting experience of a lifetime, so don't miss out!

At Oak Lake Lodge, your needs will be met, and then exceeded. We will cater to all of your needs while you're staying with us to ensure your fishing trip is the best you've ever taken. If you would like to know more, we invite you to explore our website. 

There, you can find pictures of our accommodations, meals, and even the trophy fish which have been caught from our lake. Additionally, you may contact us with any questions or comments.

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