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Fly-in Fishing Honeymoon Trips

Fly-in Fishing Honeymoon Trips

A fly-in fishing vacation probably sounds like an unusual choice for a honeymoon after being married. Yet, when you see what we offer here at Oak Lake Lodge, you might change your mind over visiting any other place in the world. The same could be said of any vacation you'll ever take based on three coveted concepts: Peace, quiet, and privacy.

If you have no prior experience with honeymoon vacations, then you probably think you can still find a place with privacy and pure nature. Unfortunately, the reality is a huge wake-up call. All you have to do is ask friends or family about their own past honeymoons and they may tell some troublesome stories about running into situations they didn't expect.

Many of those situations are encountering excessive tourists or overly thin walls in swanky resorts or hotels. Both of those are things that anyone on a honeymoon obviously don't want. Regardless, it's still tolerated by many married couples, especially in the summer when so many people are freshly married and on their honeymoon vacations.

Unless you're a multimillionaire and can afford a deserted island to escape to (which isn't most of us), you probably wish for better options on your honeymoon. Let us show you why our Oak Lake Lodge is a perfect spot for you and your new spouse. You'll realize that one place still exists on earth where you can enjoy a vacation living up to expectations.

Privacy for Your Honeymoon

It's hard to escape to anywhere that's quiet during the summer. For a romantic getaway, your search for privacy gets even worse in a crowded tourist spot. No matter where you go, you're sure to have other tourists staying in rooms nearby. On a supposedly quiet beach, you'll likely run into dozens of other people (if not newly married couples) as a way to ruin any romantic vibes.

In our cottages, you don't have to worry about having attached rooms with thin walls. Each unit stands alone for the utmost in privacy. While we do group people together in each cottage for large group situations, it's certainly possible that both of you could book a cottage alone.

Generally, we allow for no more than 32 people at a time so those who stay here never have to worry about crowds. It's just what you need if you and your new spouse have never truly been alone anywhere.

All the Food You Need

Eating food is a major part of a honeymoon, and we have fantastic breakfasts, lunches, and dinners here all day. You'll never go hungry, plus you're allowed to bring your own snacks. This doesn't include some tasty shoreline lunches prepared by our fishing guides. You'll experience this if you decide to partake in one of our central activities: fishing on Oak Lake in your own private boat. This doesn't mean that you both can't commune with nature beyond the lake.

Enjoying the Wilderness Around You

If you're a couple that loves the wilderness and lament how much the world's nature truly isn't pristine anymore, you'll be in heaven having your honeymoon here. The wilderness surrounding the outer banks of Oak Lake are free for you and your spouse to walk through and enjoy. As you do, you'll have the knowledge of how untainted the land is from excessive tourism or industry. We don't have any additional tourist traps or industries around here for miles.

As you wrap your honeymoon communing with nature, you'll have a new appreciation for life as you head back into society. It's a vacation angle you probably didn't expect, even though we frequently provide the unexpected for so many others.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to schedule a vacation this summer for your honeymoon. You'll want to keep coming back for annual romantic getaways.



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