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Professional Fishing and Hunting Guides for You

Professional Fishing and Hunting Guides for You

If you've ever had experience with guides during vacations, you've probably wondered just how much they really know about the information they give you. When you visit historical locations where you need guidance to get around, guides can either be a burden or a godsend.

In the latter sense, having guided tours to foreign locations sometimes work well. Those type of guides merely do as much as possible to help you get around so you don't wander off and get lost.

Guides who become a burden are ones that act like they know what they're talking about, yet clearly don't. Some guides who attempt to educate people on the history or customs of an area go strictly by a script rather than having personal experience on their own.

This ends up being a disappointment, because the information they give you may not even be accurate. If they haven't actually lived in the place you're visiting, it's almost akin to reading a general online overview.

Here at Oak Lake Lodge, we look at tour guides in a different way to make our vacations worthwhile. Through our fly-in fishing vacations, we let you hire your own guides for fishing or hunting so you get the best experience possible.

Our guides have a major difference from other guides out there: They were born in the natural environment we offer to you.

Experience in Nature

Once you hire one of our guides, you'll have one who truly grew up in the Ontario wilderness. These are people who've truly assimilated nature by understanding it on a profound level, and respecting it. Because of their lifestyle, they also have plenty of fascinating stories to tell about living out in the wild. They've essentially become one with nature and comprehend its positive attributes and dangers.

You'll appreciate this when you have a guide to help you learn some of our procedures during your fishing excursions on pristine Oak Lake.

Fishing Experience from Our Guides

Fishing for the first time with us is an experience you won't forget, mainly because we're miles away from industry and have a lake that's never been tainted with pollution. When you hire a guide to fish with you, you'll learn accurate history about Oak Lake, as well as proper techniques for properly catching fish.

Most importantly, our guides show you how to properly release some of the fish since we do have a varied catch and release policy. They'll show you how to do a release correctly so you can do it right on your own the next time you visit us.

Best of all are the stories guides tell about their own fishing experiences in these same waters. They grew up doing this as a way of life, and you won't find many who give you as much insight in appreciating nature. All told, our guides will basically change your perspective on the role of fishing here and around the world.

Hunting Experience from Our Guides

Our guides have decades of experience hunting the wild moose and black bears that permeate the wilderness here in Ontario. You have a vast wilderness to explore near our lodge and cottages where you stay. Exploring requires a guide for stronger appreciation of the wildlife diversity and how to hunt appropriately.

Once again, your guide will tell you about their own experiences hunting, some of which are quite incredible. When you want to hunt properly and learn the most information about this pristine area, our guides are the only sources available.

You'll come away with a new definition of what a vacation guide is. They'll never be obstructive and only enhance your trip based on their lifelong devotion to experiencing the surroundings for your benefit.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to book a trip with us this fall.

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