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Guided fishing at Oak Lake - What is means for you

Guided fishing at Oak Lake - What is means for you

Here at Oak Lake Lodge, we continually promote our fly-in fishing vacation package as a chance to get away from the bustle of heavy crowds in other tourist locations. We've discovered with many of our visitors is that they may not discover all the great opportunities in the area without some guidance. It's one reason why we hired specialized guides so our visitors get the best possible experience.

Our guides will make your trip more enjoyable. We want to explain why, with one strong reason being that our guides are truly familiar with nature compared to most other people.

Supreme Knowledge About the Nature Around You

Before anyone books a trip with us, we let visitors know that the guides we hire primarily come from parts of Quebec where nature surrounded them from birth. If you never thought anyone raised in nature could exist in the modern era, think again. These guides grew up in this world and made fishing and hunting a part of daily life rather than just a vacation.

They don't take the nature around them for granted. You'll see proof of how much they respect the pristine nature around our lodge. Thanks to having no excess tourism or industry around us, it's as close to untouched nature as you'll find within civilized society.

When our guides show you around, they'll point out aspects about the surroundings and wildlife you wouldn't know without them. We guarantee the information they dispense is worth every minute of your time. Each guide has more than a few amazing stories to tell about their own experiences. You'll also learn about the wildlife in the area, including the types of fish most commonly caught. Most likely, the guides will even help you spot an eagle's nest or two out in the wilderness.

Helping You Catch and Release Fish

While we do have a catch and release policy on a number of fish in Oak Lake, a fishing guide helps you with this without being obstructive. With many fish in Oak Lake being considerably large, a guide helps land them for you, educates you on what type of fish it is, then properly places it back in the water.

Regardless of the above, our guides want to let you take part in the action as well. They'll show you how to properly catch the fish and how to release them. Every guide is there to let you customize how you want your vacation experience to work. Having a guide with you only makes your experiences more entertaining and thought-provoking.

Guides and Shore Lunches

One thing you'll appreciate is the ability to have a shore lunch during your fishing excursion. This wouldn't be possible if you're alone since it requires a considerable set-up along the banks of Oak Lake. Our guides have everything set up in advance so you can take the fish you've caught and fry them up for a hearty lunch during midday. The guides also make additional food for your shore lunch to make this an excellent experience for you and your family.

Every guide brings a guarantee of enhancing your trip by opening doors to what's really possible when enjoying beautiful nature on this level.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to learn more about our unique guides and our overall vacation package. You'll soon discover that few other vacation spots like us exist in the world.

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