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What is an exclusive, nearly private, fly-in fishing vacation?

What is an exclusive, nearly private, fly-in fishing vacation?

Despite many beautiful places on earth, it seems that when you vacation in those locations, you find out those in charge let tourists freely enjoy natural environments a little too much. In that regard, you've perhaps been disappointed when you've gone to what you thought was an isolated place to gain some relaxation and peace of mind.

Instead of being around pristine nature, you realize excessive tourism is slowly eroding the surroundings. There may even be industries nearby clandestinely harming the environment around you.

A fly-in fishing excursion might be something you've heard about as a way to alleviate the above problems. However, not all fishing spots can claim being in an isolated natural area miles away from large groups of people or industries.

Here at Oak Lake Lodge, we can make that claim because it's 100% true. Located in Ontario, Canada, we're located along Oak Lake, which is one of the most pristine areas you'll find within this province. Ontario is already known for its crystalline beauty, but we were fortunate in being able to manage this particular stretch of land for our long-running lodge.

What you'll appreciate is that we limit visitors so it never has an excess of people. Also, you're miles away from any industry to alleviate worry about pollution or nearby resorts affecting the nature around you.

However, you perhaps wonder just how exclusive this type of environment is. When you visit us, you have a guarantee of exclusive access to a part of the world that hasn't been damaged by industry or humans.

It's an amazing opportunity for you that you and your family won't forget.

Exclusive Access to Oak Lake

Have you ever had the fantasy of having an entire lake to yourself while catching jumbo-sized fish? You can make this come true on Oak Lake with your own private boat we provide. It's a rare chance to traverse a lake with some of the freshest water you'll find on the planet. This makes it healthier for the fish, which you'll catch a plenty.

While we do have a catch and release policy on some fish, your chance to commune with nature of this quality is rare indeed. It's an exclusive part of your trip package that only just begins with your fishing trip on our comfortable boats.

Exclusive Access to the Wilderness

Along Oak Lake lies a vast wilderness that we allow visitors to explore, especially during hunting season in the early fall. Regardless, some people just prefer walking through an area that's hardly been disturbed by humans. You'll have a profound sense of discovery here, including having an idea of what Lewis & Clark must have felt like when they first encountered pristine nature untouched by man.

We get many first-time visitors who have this experience, and it's one that they want to experience more than once. This is certainly an option since we have many visitors who come back and visit every year.

Exclusive Access to Our Cottages and Lodge

As a further way of giving you the keys to the kingdom, we'll set you up in our comfortable cottages where you'll have access to four-star hotel quality service. On top of it, we have our nearby lodge where you'll find a place to have a meal any time you want it. This includes a store where you'll find snacks any time of the day, plus fishing supplies.

Oak Lake Lodge has been a bit of a secret vacation spot for a good reason. You simply can't find many pristine places like this left on earth without having to share it with far too many people who don't always respect fragile nature.

Contact us to find out more about our vacation packages. Experience exclusive access to nature like you never have to get you back in harmony with the earth.

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