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Enjoy Fishing and Nature without "Roughing It"

Enjoy Fishing and Nature without "Roughing It"

You've probably heard of that term "vacation from the vacation" more than once and maybe only thought of it as facetious. Then, when you started taking more vacations in North America or at international resorts, you suddenly realized it's not really a joke. While it sometimes depends on circumstances, it seems more work from your side goes into making your vacation go well.

Particularly when you have a family and kids, it's not always easy to keep things in order when vacationing somewhere. It may turn into a far more chaotic experience than you expected, which only ruins vacations if you've paid big bucks for amenities you probably didn't need anyway.

Even if some luxury resorts go out of their way to help you, they still expect you to do far too much to keep things in order. They may also expect you to adhere to rules outdoors as well that restrict you from freedom or true enjoyment of any surrounding nature.

You won't find that kind of approach here at Oak Lake Lodge. We understand that when people go to a vacation destination, they don't want to do anything that requires extra work to take away time for more fun activities.

Take a look at what you'll find in our fly-in fishing vacation and how much red carpet treatment you'll receive in a pristine and remote place.

Cottages with the Modern Amenities

While we're located miles away from civilization, the cottages we offer don't skimp on amenities. Perhaps you've stayed in remote locations before and ended up being responsible for everything in a cottage or cabin. It's true that some of those work as time shares or rentals where you're responsible for cleanup and maintenance.

It doesn't work this way in our cottages. You're catered to like you'd see in a four-star hotel. You'll have all the best amenities in every room, plus maids available to clean up and provide everything you need.

The above means you can wake up and not worry about having to take out garbage or seek fresh towels yourself. We'll even deliver coffee to your door every morning so you don't have to wait for it when getting breakfast.

With this kind of service, you already eliminate half the work during a vacation. It leaves you more time to get out and enjoy the outdoors first thing after we serve you breakfast in our lodge dining room.

Guides for Fishing

One thing you'll appreciate in saving you extra work is hiring guides for your fishing trips. It's a separate service we provide to help you get the best out of your fishing excursion out on Oak Lake. Using a private boat we provide, your guide shows you which bait works the best for the most successful catches. Guides also help you land some of the walleye, northern pike, and smallmouth bass that can get quite large.

Even better, you'll learn our catch and release policy to save you time having to do it yourself. Once guides show you how, you'll become skilled at it so you can do it yourself on your next trip.

Guides for Hunting

Our guides provide the same service during hunting season in September where they arrange most of the equipment for you, including bait. Your guides work like a personal assistant so you don't have to buy or haul the most essential accessories to our lodge just to partake in hunting.

Nevertheless, the guides intend to educate you along the way and tell you stories about the area to save you time researching it all yourself.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out more about our vacations. We'll save you work and time so you finally find peace when getting away from it all.

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