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What is a team-building fishing trip for business like?

What is a team-building fishing trip for business like?

Now that spring is here, your team of employees in your company possibly feel overworked and need time away from their desks. Rather than have individual employees take time off for their own vacations, why not go together on a getaway business trip? If you've never heard of our fly-in fishing vacation package here at Oak Lake Lodge, you're in for the business trip discovery of your life.

We're an exclusive vacation spot located around upper northwestern Ontario, Canada that's also one of the most pristine places on earth. With our lodge located along Oak Lake, you can only reach us by plane, which creates a great escape away from industry and crowded tourist spots.

If you're a company that's grown tired of city bustle and pollution, visiting us as a communal business trip will make you think you've entered paradise. We've had many companies use our lodge for group business trips, and they've all cited their experience as the best time away they've ever had. Even those who've visited the greatest tourist locales in the world found the lack of crowds and industry here a wonder to behold.

When you choose to have a business trip with us, you'll have experiences you won't find in other remote locations. Because we only allow 32 people in our lodge at a time, your entire staff can enjoy everything exclusively.

What kind of fun will you have here together? If you're visiting to do some minimal work, the nature that surrounds you will make work a real pleasure.

Fishing Excursions for Easing Stress

The central focus here is fishing, at least this time of year. With our comfortable boats available to small groups at a time, your employees will have a tremendous way to relax. If you've all come here to brainstorm on business ideas, a fishing excursion out on Oak Lake is the perfect place to meditate and discuss future plans.

At the same time, you'll catch some amazing fish like walleye and small mouth bass from the most pristine waters in the world. Because Oak Lake is full of oxygen from no human tampering, the fish are the healthiest of any you've likely caught before in your life.

Archery Hunting in September

Along with the fishing, you can book some adventurous hunting excursions in September for black bear and moose. With beautiful wilderness around you, you'll again have a peaceful place where you can commune with your business employees. We're miles away from any industry, so you won't have distractions from itinerant tourists or corporate attractions.

Utilizing Groups in Our Cottages

Using our cottages as your living quarters, we group people together in each one so you have more chances to relax together. What makes our cottages so great are the luxury amenities we provide. You won't find this common in other remote vacation spots. We provide four-star services you'd only see in major hotels.

In addition, you have comfortable surroundings, including stunning views of the lake out your window. Along with a screened-in porch, you and your employees can huddle and discuss business issues in another peaceful place. Some of your employees may prefer hanging out there all day rather than going out on the lake in a boat.

Enough Food to Satisfy Every Appetite

You no doubt have worries about what kind of food your employees will have on your business trip. There isn't any worry when you stay with us, because our chefs are there to make you every type of meal you can imagine. This includes on-shore lunches with the fish you catch.

It's during these delicious meal times when you and your employees can further commune and talk seriously. When delicious and healthy food is at the helm, business discussions always go better.

Contact us to find out more about our entire vacation package here at Oak Lake Lodge. As a business trip, you won't find another like it without wanting immediate vacation from the vacation.

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