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Archery Hunting in September

Archery Hunting in September

Here at Oak Lake Lodge, we've written blogs all year about how our fly-in fishing vacations create some of the most memorable moments you'll have when traveling. Those of you who've already enjoyed the astounding and pristine nature around us know just how outstanding (and addicting) this area is. No doubt you've passed the word on to others about us, and we hope you'll come back soon as well.

There isn't any better time than in September when the fall foliage begins to turn color, plus hunting season begins. If you had an emotional high with our amazing fishing adventures here on Oak Lake, you're in for even more fun and the unexpected with hunting in the nearby wilderness.

This is the time of year when hunting for black bear and moose become a popular pastime. It gives an opportunity for many of our visitors to learn about endemic wildlife and how bear and moose get hunted as part of an annual process that's been around for hundreds of years.

Even if you've never hunted before, we want you to get an organic feel for it as part of nature's cycles. Black bear and moose are so prevalent in the area, and you'll sometimes see them wander into the grounds close to our lodge. Hunting, however, takes place strictly in the woods so any shooting happens in a safe zone.

Let's take a look at what you'll need on your hunting trip if you decide to take this on this September. As with our fishing, guides will help make the most of your experience if you're hunting here for the first time.

Getting Prepared

If you think you won't have time to acquire a hunting license before visiting us, then you can easily get one at our lodge once you arrive.

Keep in mind that you need a U.S. hunting license first in order to obtain a license here in Canada.

You'll arrive at our lodge this September the same way you did during your fishing excursions earlier this year. All of the amazing amenities we provide in our lodge are still here in the fall as well as any other time of the year. It includes our amazing, freshly prepared meals all day long.

As with your fishing trips, though, you'll likely be spending most of the daytime out in the woods. While we provided specific equipment for your fishing last time, you'll be provided some special hunting tools to make sure the process gets done right. 

Most of all, our hunting guides are here once again to make your hunting experience one you'll never forget.

Hunting Guides

If you experienced one of our fishing guides last time you were here, you know how one-of-a-kind they are. The stories they tell are beyond belief in how they've grown up in this environment and their interactions with nature.

It's no different with their past hunting experiences. They live and breathe hunting in the wilderness and can teach you everything you need to know. 

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge so we can get you booked in advance for September hunting. There isn't any better time to visit us than in the fall when the chillier air will invigorate you as you learn about the ways of an expert hunter.

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