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Fishing in September at Oak Lake Lodge

Fishing in September at Oak Lake Lodge

September is a favourite month for many, because it's a time when the leaves have turned on the trees and you can feel the true spirit of fall.  Yet, you're probably thinking you have limited choices in September when the weather isn't the greatest.

If you don't mind cooler air, a fly-in fishing with us here at Oak Lake Lodge is more invigorating than you think. Especially if you want to get away from the bustle of city life, you have supreme nature here like you've never seen before.

The reason is we're miles away from anything, which means you can truly experience late fall in a pristine way without excessive human tampering. We're one of the few places within North America that allows civilization into such a remote area where you can see unvarnished nature up close all year round.

Why should you visit in September, though, when the weather is chilly? With proper clothing and enjoying our warm cottages, you'll have everything you need to stay comfortable while enjoying nature on the cusp of winter. This still includes fishing on Oak Lake.

Temperatures in September

You'll never feel cold when you visit us, even though high temps outside usually hover in the 30s and 40s. We always recommend you bring the heaviest coats you own when you spend time in our outdoors. 

Each cottage here has a wood stove so your entire quarters are toasty warm all day and night. In each cottage, you'll have everything you need, including A-list service you only find in big hotels. With our screened-in porches outside, you can blend the warmness of your cottage with the invigorating late fall air outside.

This isn't to say spending time outdoors won't benefit you greatly. The temperatures aren't anywhere near what you'd get going to a skiing resort this time of year. Even so, cool rains do fall, and sometimes early snow begins.

The air here, though, is something you need to experience in person. When you're this far away from civilization, you'll notice a purity in the air like you've never experienced after living for years in a busy metropolis.

Fishing in September

The fishing season is close to ending, but fish still bite through September. With the cooler temperatures, they'll be even hungrier in the mornings than they were in August. It's why it's worth spending some time in one of our private boats on Oak Lake to help you commune with nature during the true heart of autumn.

Our fishing guides are available year-round as well, and they can show you how to get the most out of September fishing. We do have a catch and release policy for all fish, so we'll show you how to adhere to this while keeping the fish from injury.

Contact us at Oak Lake Lodge to experience our vacations in September. You're bound to find more excitement here with your family than you ever will doing stressful activities.

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