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Fishing in Canada, Fishing Tourism

Fishing in Canada, Fishing Tourism

Canada boasts of having countless beautiful lakes and rivers which are perfect for all types of fishing activities. Canada’s fishing resources are perfect for all types of fishermen from beginners to seasoned anglers and world-class fishermen. This is one of the main reasons why Canada is one of the most popular fishing tourism destinations in the world.

Over 3 million tourists visit Canada every year to fish. The country sets the global standard for freshwater fishing thanks to its countless wetlands, streams, rivers, and lakes. Canada is home to approximately 20% of the world’s entire freshwater resources, so it’s understandable why millions of tourists globally prefer Canada’s fishing vacations. Regardless of your fishing preferences, there are plenty of fishing opportunities in Canada especially in and around Ontario. From ice fishing on lakes to fly fishing in rivers, you can do it all in Ontario, Canada.

Although some of the best freshwater fishing destinations in Canada are inaccessible by road, there is adequate transport via aircraft and ATVs (All-Terrain-Vehicles) to the best/most remote fishing lodges such as Oak Lake Lodge. With the presence of world-class fishing lodges, fishing charters as well as numerous campgrounds, there’s no better/more exciting place to visit other than Canada if you love fishing.

Best fishing tourism region in Canada

Northwest Ontario stands out as the best fishing tourism region in Canada. This area is popular for its rich variety of trophy fish species such as; walleye, muskie, trout, crappie, pike and bass. Northwest Ontario is home to popular freshwater lakes such as Lake Superior and Lake Savant.

It’s worth noting that Canada’s fishing tourism industry has some challenges. For instance, some popular fishing areas suffer from overfishing. It is, therefore, advisable to find remote resorts such as Oak Lake Lodge which haven’t been overfished to increase your chances of catching as many trophy fish species as possible.

Popular tourist fishing activities in Canada

Walleye Fishing (we are among the best spots in Canada for walleye fishing)

Walleye fishing stands out as a very popular fishing activity among tourists who visit Canada solely to fish. Canada is known for having numerous huge and healthy Walleye fish. Oak Lake Lodge is one of the few places known to have walleye fish that grow to 32+ inches in length since the lodge is the only lodge/resort on Oak Lake.

Remote lodges like Oak Lake Lodge are the best fishing destinations since they are hard to access so they aren’t overfished. Besides Oak Lake, large walleye fish can also be caught in Lake Nipissing and Lake Winnipeg.

Fly Fishing (not available at our lodge)

Canada has countless tranquil, streams, rivers and lakes that are perfect spots for fly fishing. Northern Pike, Salmon, trout, and Steelhead fish are in abundance in Canada’s fast-moving rivers in the west and east coasts.

Ice Fishing (not available at our lodge)

Ice fishing is another popular fishing tourism activity in Canada. A fishing vacation in Canada isn’t complete without exciting ice fishing escapades. The most popular time for ice fishing in Canada is from January to late February. Northern Ontario is the most popular ice fishing destination in Canada.

Canada is undoubtedly the best destination for once-in-a-lifetime trophy fishing vacations.

The photo above was taken in 2016. Pictured is a 32.5" Walleye, a lake record.

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