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A catch and release fishing trip ensures excellent fishing for you

A catch and release fishing trip ensures excellent fishing for you

If you've been seeking out a family vacation this summer that's not only peaceful but educational, a fly-in fishing excursion in Canadian waters is an experience you won't forget. Here at Oak Lake Lodge in Ontario, Canada, we consider ourselves fortunate every day to welcome people from around the world looking for an escape from the stresses of life.

One of our joys is seeing families taking the time to spend their vacation time with us. Part of that comes in seeing kids learning about nature while subsequently getting away from their own daily worries.

Your family will definitely benefit vacationing with us thanks to our lodge and Oak Lake being miles away from any industry. Also, with our limitations on how many people visit us at a time, you could technically have the entire area for just your family.

This is essential for you when you want a place devoid of tourists. Plus, when you want a vacation that also provides something educational for your kids (while also having fun), we have the best combination.

The above comes in our fishing excursions where your kids can learn about the types of fish populating Oak Lake. Your kids will also learn about an important aspect to preserving nature: Using the fishing method of catch and release.

Releasing what you catch preserves the ecosystem. This doesn't mean all fish require releasing. Regardless, the methods of releasing fish will be an important reminder of nature's fragility to your kids and to yourself.

Types of Fish That Require Catch and Release

After you catch a Northern Pike or Smallmouth Bass on Oak Lake, we want you to release them afterward. These are very beautiful fish and ones that we want to preserve for future generations to enjoy. The fish also get very large in size, providing some excitement as you attempt to land them.

Your kids will love experiencing being in one of our provided fishing boats while surrounded by pristine beauty and fishing thrills. Keep in mind that smaller fish like Walleye and Muskie are also very plentiful, and they're the types you're allowed to catch and eat. This includes having them prepared for eating along the shoreline when you hire one of our fishing guides.

If you've never done a catch and release policy while fishing, our fishing guides will teach you a lot of valuable information. They'll show you exactly how to handle the fish properly for easy release back into Oak Lake without physical harm.

Catch and Release Demonstration from Your Guide

It does take some physical skill to handle the fish properly so you don't damage them. But your guide can demonstrate the technique for you, including allowing you or your kids to do the same. First, when fishing for Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike, we use barbless hooks so the hook doesn't cause internal damage to the fish. In addition, we discourage the use of live bait.

You'll learn how to avoid touching or squeezing the gills of these fish since it could cause harm to their breathing functions. Too much handling in general could cause damage to their coating as well, so we recommend holding the fish just behind their gill covers.

Another challenge that takes some practice is the quick removal of the barbless hook. It does take some skill to pull it out fast without causing injury to the fish. Our guides show you the correct way and how to properly place the fish back into the lake.

After this experience, your kids will have a new found respect for nature. You will as well while also having the most relaxing vacation you'll find anywhere in North America.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to book a vacation for your family. It's time you got back to nature while we show you how much pristine nature is still left in the world.

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