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A Family Fly-In Fishing Lodge

A Family Fly-In Fishing Lodge

Far too many vacation resorts exist around the world, some of which you've probably visited more than once in your life. While you've maybe enjoyed their luxury amenities, you may have put up with annoying crowds surrounding the resort's natural landscapes. You've also had to endure one thing that sometimes lacks in even top-tier places: Good customer service.

If places like Disney's theme parks have mastered good service for 60 years, you can't always find it in other vacation spots where you'd think it exists. The reason all comes down to lax training and either being unwilling to train people in good customer service, or just not having enough time.

In corporate vacation environments, it's certainly that way because of the distance between the corporate heads and employees. A family-run vacation spot gives you a better chance of experiencing more focused service so you feel like you're one of the family.

That's the type of feel we bring here at Oak Lake Lodge for our fly-in fishing vacations. Those of you who've never visited us may think that such a remote area means setting you up with austere amenities and letting you fend for yourself.

The above doesn't come anywhere close to describing us, which makes us so popular as such a rare vacation find. Despite letting you commune with unspoiled nature (with amazing fishing and hunting opportunities), you also have a dedicated group of people who want to give you the best vacation anywhere.

So how do we define good customer service at our vacation lodge? We look at what we offer as a family-like retreat where you become one of the family.

Providing You Amenities Like a Four-Star Hotel

Much of the customer service we provide is already provided for you in the way of amenities found in your cottage near our lodge. Before you arrive there, however, you'll be greeted by the lodge's operators (John and May Naimian) the minute you arrive by private aircraft.

It's not often you'll have the owners of a beautiful lodge greet you personally. Regardless, we only let 32 people in at a time to the area to keep the grounds as pristine as possible. This makes visitations more personal.

In your cottages, you'll see how much attention to detail we've put into your experience. Many of the amenities in each cottage are those found in the world's best hotels. This already surprises people who expect more primitive ways of living when vacationing miles away from civilization.

With that, you'll have excellent service from our maids who bring you anything you need at any time. You'll even have some surprises, including coffee delivered to your door every morning. Some upscale resorts and hotels don't even do such a thing without charging extra.

Exemplary Service from Our Other Staff and Guides

We want you to meet other members of our excellent staff, including those who create the outstanding traditional meals you'll have every day. The service and dedication in making sure your meals are the best available will impress you. Each meal gets prepared with care and detail, including bringing side dishes to a fish fry you'll have along the banks of Oak Lake during your fishing excursion.

It's during your fishing (or hunting) adventure that a guide to help you enhance your experience. Our guides are part of our staff you'll spend the most time with, which is something you'll appreciate. They have stories about growing up in this environment, plus demonstrable expertise for successful fishing or hunting catches.

All of our staff treats you like one of the family, and we'll always remember your face and name when you decide to return.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to book one of our vacations this fall and be guaranteed service beyond your usual expectations.

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