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Experience an Outdoor Fish Fry

Experience an Outdoor Fish Fry

In our recent blogs, we've tried to describe our fly-in fishing vacation here at Oak Lake Lodge in the best possible way, even if you have to experience it firsthand to truly know how unique we are. While we've focused on the overall experience you'll have at our lodge and outdoors, we haven't always honed in on individual occurrences that stand alone. Some of those experiences will amaze you to a point where time seemingly stands still. As a result, you'll wish those moments could last forever in reality.

One of those special times is our outdoor fish fry that's courtesy of our fishing guides. This happens at lunchtime after your morning fishing excursion on Oak Lake either ends or goes into break mode. After all, we know fishing is a sport that works up a voracious appetite. We also know that variety in a fishing vacation makes for a more exciting experience.

With our fish fries taking place along the banks of Oak Lake, what kind of fun will you and your family have there? When you see what we provide and how knowledgeable our guides are, you'll realize how our fish fry could be one of the true family highlights of your vacation.

The Setup for Your Fish Fry

Once you hire one of our fishing guides to help you catch and release the fish in Oak Lake, you'll realize how great of an investment it is. We guarantee that the price you pay for a guide here in Ontario, Canada costs less than what you'd pay for a similar experience in the U.S. Despite paying less here, you'll get your money's worth hearing amazing stories from the guides about their experiences growing up in the natural surroundings.

They'll also help you with the catch and release policy we apply to the fish available in the lake. However, you'll be able to keep some fish for eating. In this case, you'll see how well-planned we are in making your vacation special. At lunchtime, our guides drive your private boat back to shore where you'll see a setup for the above-mentioned fish fry.

After you arrive on shore, you'll notice that the other guides have already set up a tent, cooking equipment, plus tables and chairs for you. This means you won't have to wait for your food, especially with your stomach likely growling by then.

Other Food That Goes With Your Fish

Our guides take your fish catches and fry them up immediately so you can enjoy your fish for lunch. It doesn't stop there, though, because we know you'll want more than just fish to satisfy your hunger. You'll also have other dishes from our lodge's kitchen staff brought to the fish fry location.

Having all of this on-location is like an A-list picnic out in a remote location. It's the kind of service we take pride in so you have a unique vacation like no other. Your family will never forget sitting and eating your fish and our sumptuous food along one of the most pristine lakes you'll find in North America.

Taking in the Nature Around You

Before your fish fry ends, we recommend you stop and absorb everything around you. Bring your digital camera along, because you'll be communing with rare nature along the banks as you sit and eat. Oftentimes, some of the wildlife that reside in the area walk, swim, or fly on by. Your guide will point out what's what so you can readily identify each species.

How many other outdoor picnic experiences have you had with this kind of stunning exposure to unspoiled nature? Quite simply, you probably haven't. 

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to book a vacation this summer so you can experience our fish fry as part of your fishing pursuits. It's only one piece of your entire vacation experience, yet one you'll hold in your mind as an outstanding memory.

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