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Nature-Filled Fly-in Fishing Trips to Ontario, Canada

Nature-Filled Fly-in Fishing Trips to Ontario, Canada

The concept of going into the woods has had more metaphors than you can count in pop culture. We've seen everything from a horror movie called "The Cabin in the Woods", to the musical "Into the Woods." We also think of going into the woods as a psychological allegory where we tread in daring places we've never gone.

Even with the recent movie "Wild", we see the wilderness as being a place to find solace amid nature's dangers. However, that takes away from what the wilderness can do when it's as pristine as it is here at Oak Lake Lodge.

As part of our fly-in fishing vacations, we don't always give enough analysis about the outlying wilderness around our lodge grounds. What makes it so special is that it's seen minimal visitation from human beings over the centuries. With our limitations on how many people visit our lodge at a given time, the wilderness here isn't tainted by abundant visitors doing whatever they want.

The only human intervention seen in the surrounding woods is by hunters or hikers. They celebrate the fact that they can enjoy a natural wilderness unvarnished from any nearby industries, private homes, or resorts. You can't find any of those things for many miles from where we are in Ontario, Canada.

Thanks to the above, what things will you discover in our nearby woods? Once you head out there this coming fall, you'll be able to connect with nature in ways you never thought you could before. It's enhanced when you have one of our amazing guides along with you.

Hunting in the Woods

September is soon upon us, which means that black bear and moose hunting season is about to begin. When you head into the woods here, you'll encounter a virtual paradise for either the established or amateur archery hunter. It's a place where you'll know the wildlife hasn't been harmed by artificial environments so you'll have the ultimate catches.

You'll almost get a sense of what it was like for early explorers Lewis & Clark who hunted wildlife that hadn't seen much human contact. Ontario has a lot of places like this, and the property around our lodge is one of the most pristine places left in North America.

As you hunt, we have hunting guides available who can show you the best hunting techniques for the most success. They'll also take you into a different world, which is what they grew up assimilating into their own lives.

Learning About What Dwells in the Woods

Your guide can educate you on the other abundant wildlife you'll find in our nearby wilderness. This includes eagles that are quite prominent here with their nests visible in the populous trees. You'll have better access to natural wildlife than anywhere else in the world without disturbing their habitats.

The guides you'll have grown-up in these environments and know the land as well as the Native Americans who hunted and fished here hundreds of years ago. Their expertise helps place the area in better perspective for you so you fully understand how fragile and rare it is.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out more about what we offer at our lodge and why our vacations are ones visitors never forget.

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