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Do You Like Fishing Fast or Slow?

Do You Like Fishing Fast or Slow?

In the world of fishing, it seems two types of personalities exist that psychologists would probably have a field day analyzing. The first type is the one who prefers a faster experience where fish get caught every few minutes. The second type is the one who prefers it old-school where patience is more rewarding. Most people probably prefer a little of both in one fishing trip for variety.

Here at Oak Lake Lodge, many visitors who expect to experience slower fishing here end up becoming believers in fast-paced fishing.

That's because Oak Lake has extremely healthy and hungry fish unharmed by the surrounding environment.

Thanks to our lodge being miles away from industries or anything potentially harmful, the fish here are as pure as any place on planet earth. With the proper bait, you'll end up catching fish every few minutes all season long. As a result, you'll end up having a fishing experience like no other where numerous fun things happen at once.

While we want you to absorb the pristine nature around you, take a look at the fun experiences you'll have with your fly-in fishing trip. We'll prove that fast fishing helps you appreciate nature more, particularly when you have a fishing guide with you.

Why Faster Fishing is More Exciting

Once you're out on Oak Lake in a private boat (which we provide for you), you'll realize the fish in the lake are quite sizable. Using powerful bait we provide from our lodge store, you're guaranteed to have Walleye, Northern Pike, and Smallmouth Bass catches every few minutes. Some of these fish are several feet long or more, which makes for an exhilarating experience when you can catch that many large fish in quick succession.

Even some of the best lakes and rivers throughout North America don't give you fishing at this kind of level. Many of those bodies of water get tainted with pollution due to excessive tourism and far too many boats.

Because we only allow small groups in at a time to our lodge, boats get limited to just a few on Oak Lake. This helps the fish populations immensely, even if we do employ a catch and release policy. However, with a faster pace to your fishing, you have more benefits to this than you think.

Working with a Fishing Guide to Appreciate Your Catches

All our fish require release after you catch them, a fishing guide alongside you can help you appreciate the process. They'll give you a new appreciation for the catch and release system, especially when you learn just how pristine the water in Oak Lake is.

You'll come away with a refreshing perspective on preserving something so rare. At the same time, you'll still have the thrill of landing heavy-duty fish throughout the day. Our guides are there to help you through the landing process so the fish don't become injured.

Taking a Break for a Fish Fry

If you think you can't eat any of the fish, think again. You can keep the walleye you catch in the morning in live wells, and your guides will fry them up during a fish fry lunch along the banks of the lake. Walleye grow quite large themselves and are quite plentiful, which means you could have dozens of them to devour with your family at the shore lunch.

The fish fry equipment is already set up along the banks before you arrive thanks to our incredible staff. Along with the fish, you'll have other traditional food for a fun-filled experience during a break in your fishing excursion.
Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out more about the unique fishing you'll have here and how you'll want to return again for the ultimate fishing fix.

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