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Business Fly-in Fishing Vacations for your Team

Business Fly-in Fishing Vacations for your Team

Do you desperately need to schedule a team-building corporate retreat, but can't find one that suits your needs? Why not try out the fly-in fishing experience we offer at Oak Lake Lodge? Our one-of-a-kind fishing adventure will offer you the benefits of team-building, while also helping your group relax in the breathtaking glory of natural Canadian beauty.

Completely Unique Event

Most corporate retreats have you and your employees performing tasks, such as competing in paintball matches, that may seem fun at first, but which only feel silly in retrospect. Fly-in fishing beats out all those staid and tried-and-true situations by being a unique affair that your employees will never forget.

After all, how could they ever forget the excitement of flying into a private lake surrounded by hundreds of acres of wild Canadian forest? And then living there for days, in the midst of real-life animals? It's an experience you won't truly understand until you've lived it yourself.

True Isolation

If you're sick of the promises of "alone time" being broken by busy corporate retreat centers, you'll love Oak Lake Lodge. We're not only uniquely isolated by our "fly-in only" access, but we also allow large groups to rent out as many cabins as they want.

That's right: we can give you and your employees a completely personalized experience in the middle of nowhere. They'll be thrust into a situation where they must rely on their own company and experiences to succeed. What could bring you closer together quicker than that?

Simple, Yet Rugged, Exercise

How about letting them participate in one of the most fun fishing experiences in all of Canada? After all, our lake is filled with truly large and challenging fish that will be a joy to catch. And since you have the lake all to yourselves, you won't be fighting with like-minded fisherman for room on the lake: it'll be all yours.

Which is exciting, because there are plenty of cool and out-of-the-way places to explore on the lake. It's pretty huge, and your and your employees will have fun trying to discover all its corners and niches. And, if you're lucky, you might even see animals, such as moose, in their natural habitat.

And overfishing is a virtual impossibility: we regularly stock our lake to ensure that it has a healthy level of fish. So should you decide to come back here again (and who could blame you?), you'll never be at a loss for new fish to bring home.<

Guided Fishing Adventures

If any of your employees feel uncomfortable exploring the lake on their own, we also offer professional fishing guides to take them anywhere they want to go. These guides will point out the best fishing spots, find amazing sunset views, and will even help your less rugged employees learn how to bait, set, reel, and unhook a fish.

Comfortable Living

All of these features are dwarfed by the most popular aspect of Oak Lake Lodge living: our comfortable accommodations. Your employees will have access to private cabins filled with items as diverse as:

  • Wood stoves
  • Sleep-comfort-friendly beds
  • Quality linens and blankets
  • Filtered running water and showers
  • emergency use telephone access in the main office

However, that's not the end of it: we also offer diverse and delicious meals throughout the day. Our specialty is our hand-delivered coffee before breakfast. We provide lunch and dinner options that will suit your employees rugged and hearty appetites.

By now, you should be stomping at the bit to schedule a fly-in fishing corporate retreat. If so, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure private access to our lake. Remember: we're one of the most popular vacation destinations in all of Canada, and our dance card fills up awfully quickly!

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