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Comparing fly-in Fishing Vacations

Comparing fly-in Fishing Vacations

When you hear the term "fly-in fishing", no doubt you immediately picture thoughts of a hideaway vacation. While accurate, you've perhaps created a new definition of what a hideaway vacation is. You've possibly become overly cynical about the term because so many hideaway vacations your family visited in the past didn't live up to expectations.

This was even more disappointing considering you paid a significant amount to commune with pristine nature and a promise of few tourists.

In reality, there aren't any truly pristine tourist areas left in the world other than deserted islands and uninhabited jungles. Only a few places still exist on earth where you'll get some exceptions. We're fortunate to tell you that we provide exceptions here at Oak Lake Lodge thanks to long-standing stringent plans on limiting tourists.

Here in Ontario, Canada, we still have some pristine natural environments left not invaded by excess tourism or industry. The land around our lodge received government approval to stay as pristine as you can get while still allowing limited visitors at a time. We only allow 32 people in every few weeks, so you're never experiencing excess tourists.

You'll also find many other differences compared to other so-called hideaway vacations. Maybe you know about other secret locations where you can essentially get lost, at least in the off-season. Even if you can sometimes successfully escape crowds in those places, they don't offer the amenities we do.

Let's take a look at some of those differences and why we frequently get singled out as one of the best vacation spots within Canada and the United States. We'll help you redefine what a hideaway vacation really is.

Special Accommodations Within Our Cottages

If you've ever booked a vacation out in a remote area up in the mountains, you likely had to stay in a cold and damp shack or cabin. You can't find extremely remote areas for vacation without sacrificing quality in your living quarters. In other words, some hideaway vacations make you feel like you're truly living in nature without making you comfortable.

In our cottages, we provide amenities similar to what you find in good hotels. This includes regular maid service, deliveries, plus coffee at your door every morning. Having this in such an out-of-the-way place is very rare, including reliable wood stove heat, which you'll more than appreciate on cold mornings.

Meals Like at Home

Remote vacation spots frequently have extreme limitations on food because they can't afford to fly in the type of food you're used to eating. You certainly get this situation on remote islands and frequently at mountainous retreats. The only way to gain a meal you're used to is to bring your own food, which isn't easy when traveling long distances.

Here at Oak Lake Lodge, we make a special effort to fly in everything we need to make full, hearty meals for all times of the day. This includes luxury breakfasts, delicious lunches, plus hearty dinners. While you can bring your own snacks for your fishing excursions, you'll never be hungry for a minute during your stay.

Contact us to find out more about why we're different from any other hideaway vacation you've been to. We look forward to seeing you here this summer so you can experience how rare it is.

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