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Discover a Canadian Fly In Fishing Oasis

Discover a Canadian Fly In Fishing Oasis

If you ask the average person who enjoys the sport of fly in fishing, why they enjoy it, you will undoubtedly get a laundry list of reasons, each uniquely different. However, there are a few reasons that seem to draw more people to the sport than the rest.

Based on who you ask, you will hear of the unutterable sensation you are bound to feel when you are one on one with nature, and how you cannot help but be in awe when you see up close the true strength and beauty of the world around you. To be among the unmatched beauty of nature without a care or concern is more than enough to bring some back to the river time and time again.

For others, the challenge of nature’s strength and the uncertainty of its inhabitants are indeed an enticing draw to the sport they love. To interact with the residents who have so graciously allowed you to share time in their home, is as indescribable as when you feel that first tug on the line.

Then there are the peace seekers, who just enjoy a day on the water.

Regardless of your reason for enjoying fly in fishing, Oak Lake Lodge, located on a private lake in Northwestern Ontario, is the ideal place to enjoy your favourite pastime. Even at full capacity, this private, secluded refuge maintains its intimate feel. Allowing each sportsman a personal piece of nature to go one on one with some of the best small-mouth bass, northern pike and walleye fishing Ontario has to offer, the Lodge is a virtual oasis.

With their all-inclusive package, you can enjoy more than just fishing on a private lake feed by the English River, but the service of a five-star resort as well. Fresh coffee delivered to your private cottage every morning, will help you start your day on the lake off right. Lunch is prepared outdoors, where house chefs fry up some of the lakes latest catches. Coupled with fresh salad and side choices sure to please, lunchtime is the perfect time to refuel. Served family style, dinner is the time when guests come together to enjoy a fabulous hearty meal the likes of which will have them dreaming of their favourite home cooked meal.

After a good old fashion home cooked meal, “the family comes together”, and that is when the true charm of Oak Lake starts to shine through. Guest can choose to enjoy their cottage in private, and soak up every second of peace and tranquility the lodge and nature have to offer. They can stroll the lakeside and get a first-hand look at an Ontario sunset, without distraction, or they can join other lodge guests as they share fishing tips and tales, as well as stories about how they landed the big one.

The privacy the lodge provides is unsurpassed. As the only lodge on the lake, Oak Lake’s guests can rest assure that fishing on the lake, exploring the terrain on lodge tours and enjoying all the other amenities Oak Lake offers, to make every moment of your vacation memorable, are exclusive to them. With the capacity to house only thirty-two people at a time, restricted road and waterway access, Provincial restrictions on camping in the area and no passable roads leading to the lodge, guests may get the since they are members of an exclusive club.

Before you make those final plans for your next fly in fishing trip, contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our lodge, send you more information or schedule you for our all-inclusive package.

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