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A true get-away, a fly-in fishing vacation to Ontario, Canada

A true get-away, a fly-in fishing vacation to Ontario, Canada

For many people living in urban and suburban areas, the idea of a week on a lake only accessible by plane is relegated to dreams and fantasy. This is why flyin fishing has become an important part of people's planned vacations and getaways. While there are some limited locations in the American west to fly in and fish, there is an entire country to the north of the United States with vast tracts of sparsely populated land, ideal for the unique getaway.

Canada has some of the best wilderness fishing and hunting on the planet, and resorts specifically catered towards explorers who desire to head out and explore while still enjoying a high-quality vacation. 

A True Getaway

So many people are used to hunting and fishing miles from an interstate, that the idea of flying in on a float-plane can be overwhelming. The advantages of fly in over driving to a fishing location are substantial. Timing, service, and location are just three reasons to choose a fly in location for fishing, hunting, or just relaxing by the lake. 

When you go for a fishing or hunting trip near a city, much of your leisure time becomes filled with the distraction of modern conveniences. TV, Facebook, emails and texts, and other business are accessible at your fingertips 24/7. This fills your time with non-relaxing, non-contemplative or family related moments. A fly-in to a remote location gives you time to focus on friends and family with you, and moments of beauty without distraction. 

For people who love service, an all-inclusive fly-in resort (as opposed to a wilderness fly in camp) is the best of both worlds. You will be truly secluded but have the ease of modern plumbing and electricity, and the quality of life which comes from daily cleaning, cooking and guide services. 

"Location, location, location" is the mantra of real estate, retail, and many other businesses. For your getaway, this holds just as true. Finding the right location has to do with seclusion, but it also has to do with sleeping arrangements, proximity to water (because what is more relaxing than the gentle sound of water lapping against a dock?) and availability of your favourite fish. So whether you are looking to hunt, fish, or just enjoy the scenic wildlife, a Canadian fly-in resort gives you more seclusion than an African safari, while being in one of the safest countries on earth.

Quality Fishing

When selecting your fly in fishing experience, ensure that your hosts have a focus on quality in their processes and products. From screened in porches to protect from mosquitoes to maintaining equipment and grounds, the resort needs to pay attention to quality details. When looking for and selecting a fly-in fishing provider, look through pictures and information to determine the quality of their facilities, services, and more. Also, find customer reviews on their website and on 3rd party sites (Facebook or others) and determine whether you will be spending the week exploring beautiful nature, enjoying quiet moments and fishing well, or just be frustrated with broken down equipment and more.

Explore Beforehand

When selecting your fly in service, the location you fly out from can become an integral part of your planned vacation. For Oak Lake Lodge, visitors can fly into International Falls and enjoy the amenities of Minnesota's 1000 lakes, or you can fly into Winnipeg, MB, Canada and get a taste of Canadian culture in the slushy capital of the world.

The joy of a fly-in resort is that you get to start your vacation the moment you leave home, knowing that when you arrive at your fly-in destination, you will have plenty of time for leisure and reflection.

So, enjoy the trip, explore and plan on relaxing and reflecting through your entire fly-in trip. To begin planning your fly in fishing vacation, please contact us.

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