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A unique fishing vacation for the family

A unique fishing vacation for the family

Now that summer is about here, what have you planned in the way of a summer vacation? The concept of a fly-in fishing vacation probably never crossed your mind when all of the usual places seem to always go at the top of the list. This includes camping, spending time on a beach, or perhaps even going overseas to supposedly peaceful and quiet places.

Yes, we know all of the above don't always turn out perfect. You perhaps still have nightmares about last summer's vacation when everything became more chaotic than you planned. While you probably tried to wipe out those realities to maintain a sense that you had a relaxing vacation, tourism is a big problem in most vacation spots.

We're a whole other world away from any tourist chaos here at Oak Lake Lodge. Located within Ontario, Canada's remote wilderness, we're one of the supreme vacation destinations in the world when it comes to finding nature non-disturbed by humans. Considering we only let in about 32 people at a time in the area, you never have to experience excessive crowds.

Ultimately, we're your better source for a truly peaceful summer vacation. In what ways are we better, though, than all of your standard vacation destinations? Let's take a look at why you should choose us over any other summer vacation plan you typically place first.

Why We're Better Than Going Camping

It seems going to a campground is a perennial summer tradition for many in both the United States and Canada. Yet, as the population increases, going to a campground nowadays during the height of summer is the equivalent to living in an overcrowded commune. You've probably noticed this in recent years as your campground you grew up in now has camping trailers nearly wall to wall.

This means more noise, pollution, and noise than you'd expect while camping somewhere in the woods. How can you possibly relax and enjoy any other activities in the area when it feels like you're at an outdoor convention?

Here at Oak Lake Lodge, you won't deal with noise or crowds so you're able to enjoy wide spaces around you. With Oak Lake being a private lake, you'll feel the expanse of pristine nature around you as you fish. You can thank our ability to keep any hotels or industry hundreds of miles away from the area.

Why We're Better Than Spending Time on a Beach

Beaches only continue to get more crowded, especially if you vacation in popular tourist spots. It doesn't matter if it's a beach on the west coast or east coast of North America, people always head there for summer to get a tan (despite sun dangers), and a thought of having wide spaces around them. 

In truth, a crowded beach gives you an even worse feeling than being in a crowded campground. At least in a campground, you have a better chance of privacy. On a beach, you're sitting on a beach blanket with hundreds of people around you probably wondering why they made this choice.

Why We're Better Than Other Fishing Spots

The same applies to other fishing locations around Canada and the U.S. Fishing has become such a popular pastime for many during the summer that far too many lakes, rivers, and streams get jammed with those obsessed with catching a limit. It doesn't include those just standing on the banks fishing, but also a body of water overfilled with boats.

At Oak Lake Lodge, we provide a small fleet of private boats for your use so you have plenty of open space without worry of virtually running into someone.

The natural surroundings here in their entirety will take your breath away in how unspoiled everything is. It's going to feel like heaven to you after experiencing far too many chaotic summer vacations elsewhere. You even get A-list amenities in our cottages for hotel-like service in a place where you're truly away from it all.

Contact us to find out more about how you can book a vacation through us this summer. We'll make your summer vacation truly relaxing for the first time in perhaps years.

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