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Best Fish to Catch on an Ontario Fly-In Fishing Adventure

Best Fish to Catch on an Ontario Fly-In Fishing Adventure

Imaging flying to a remote fishing spot in beautiful Ontario, Canada. You don't have to disembark from your float plane as it turns into a boat from which you do your fishing. If this appeals to you, consider the fun of fly-in fishing. 

Once you’ve loaded your fishing gear and board a float plane, you can enjoy the stunning views below you, while flying to your fishing destination. If you’re an avid fisherman and want to experience fly-in fishing in beautiful Ontario this fall, here are some guidelines for catching some of the most common species of fish on a fly-in fishing trip. 

Northern Pike 

Northern Pike are the easiest fish to catch in our Ontario lakes as they’re attracted to almost any type of lure. They mostly hang out in the lakes of northern Ontario. While small and medium northern pikes are typically found in thick lily pad weeds in the back of bays, larger ones usually congregate around the edges of weeds. 

Small and medium-sized pikes mostly eat frogs, small minnows and bugs, but larger pike ensnare Walleyes and are commonly found guarding their prey on the outer bounds of a school of Walleyes.

Smallmouth Bass

Northern Ontario is known for its large amount of smallbass fishing. This species ranges in color from dark to pale yellow or pale green and can also be olive brown. Its belly is spotted with a off-white color and its eyes are typically orange or red. Because it has extraordinary vision and hearing, this species can quickly overcome it prey, making it an ideal predator fish. 

Once autumn is in full swing in Ontario, smallmouth bass, just as largemouth bass, seem to travel deeper into their waters. Smallmouth bass has a tendency to spread out more on still days when the waters are as smooth as glass. 

The early bird angler catches the most smallbass fish, besides the largest ones. Thus, get up early. Some of the best baits for catching smallmouth bass in the morning include leeches, minnow, crawfish and hellgrammites. As for artificial bait, you can use anything that looks like a minnow. For example, streamer flies, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits and plastic worms work well.  


Walleyes, also known as Yellow Pickerels, walleyes are at their largest in the fall because they’ve been feeding on other fish to prepare for winter. These predatory fish are small and have a dark color on their tops that ranges from brown to dark yellow. Their underside is a pale color that can be white to pale yellow. They also have silver-colored eyes that give it a reflective feature in dark water. 

Although most anglers focus on medium to deep water when fishing for walleyes, you can also find them in shallow water and particularly when there’s high water. Some of the bait that’s considered excellent for catching walleye in autumn include reef runners, dancers, tail dancers and down deep husky jerks. For best results, fish for walleyes at night. 

Considerations and Warnings

  • While some Northern Ontario lakes are exceptionally clear, others are very murky, especially following a bad storm. You’ll have better results using red or silver colored-bait. However, for murky water, or for water where there’s a rich concentration of iron, yellow bait is more effective.
  • Rattle baits are ideal for catching pike because the fish are attracted by the sound.
  • Pike tend to tease bait, playing with it before taking it. That's why you need to be patient. In other words, there’s a good chance that a large pike that nibbles and then leaves, will probably return as these fish have huge appetites, and can quickly forget.
  • Smallmouth basses typically stay together according to their size, so don’t expect to see a larger smallmouth in a group of smaller-sized fish. 

When planning your fly-in fishing vacation, please contact us at Oak Lake Lodge. Our top-rated fly in fishing lodge and resort can provide you with an angler’s fishing trip of a lifetime. 

Located in breathtaking Ontario, our vacation package includes a private lake, luxury accommodations, outstanding prepared meals, and experienced fishing guides. Although our main fish species are northern pike, smallmouth bass, and walleye, our lake also has other species, including both small and large fish.

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